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  1. The Google Developers Console is
    an online resource that helps you manage
  2. the data that comes in
    through various Google APIs.
  3. When using Google Services it
    is required, in many cases, for
  4. you to set up a project here.
  5. Now when you visit it you'll
    see all of your projects.
  6. And I have quite a few here but
    I'm going to add a new one to this app.
  7. Of course you'll have a different
    list or you may not have any yet.
  8. But before I create a new app
    I'm going to set up billing.
  9. While the vast majority of
    functionality doesn't carry a cost,
  10. you still need to set up billing because
    under your project you could have things
  11. that are charged such as, App engine,
    or cloud storage or things like that.
  12. So in order to create a new project,
    you do need to have billing.
  13. So when you set up billing,
  14. if your only going to be using maps
    don't worry your never going to get
  15. billed for using the maps because maps
    functionality and Android has no cost.