Wart Removal: How to Remove Warts On Face Fast & Naturally at Home

Wart Removal: How to Remove Warts On Face Fast & Naturally at Home

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The face is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life, and having warts on them is like having acne and pimples all over. It could decrease your self-esteem and your confidence to face the world around you. It could decrease your employment opportunities and other great opportunities in the world because of it. Now with the advent of science and research, there is the natural way to remove warts on the face.

Wart is a self-limiting disease, this means that it will just disappear over time. But there are some patient’s reports that they have warts for over a year now. Before you try over the counter medications that contain chemicals that are harmful to your body, you may also want to try first some home remedies that could be effective in treating warts. They have been proven effective over time.

Garlic is also helpful, not only in decreasing your blood pressure, but it is also effective in treating warts. You may want to crush a clove of garlic and place it in the affected part and cover it. Pineapple is also effective; you may cut a fresh pineapple and apply it several times a day. The juice of the fig is effective when you apply and leave it on the area.

There are also many effective remedies for warts, such as dandelion weed, camphor oil, castor oil, crushed vitamin c tablets, the drop of grapefruit extracts, tea tree oil, banana peel, cider vinegar, raw potato and a piece of chalk could also do the trick.

These home remedies are there for first aid treatment only, they are proven to be effective if used correctly and frequently. Some of the patients report that these home remedies work, and some of them don’t. Each of us responds to treatment differently. Your body might or might not respond to these home remedies, so it is best to use those over the counter treatments or call your physician for treatments.

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