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  1. If you have trouble picturing this think about a mountain climber. It would be
  2. harder for a mountain climber to walk from left to right across this graph than
  3. it would for someone to walk from left to right on this graph but we're
  4. mathematicians and it's not enough to know that this line is steeper than this
  5. line. I want to know how much steeper, I need a way of quantifying steepness In
  6. algebra we use something called slope. Slope compares the distant a line rises
  7. or falls to the distance aligned runs from left to right. We write slope as the
  8. ratio of rise divided by run. For example, let's look at this line. We'll look
  9. at the graph between x equals 0 and x equals 1, so we're between here. In this
  10. region we have a run of 1 so I'll put 1 in the denominator. How much would this
  11. rise be? Use the graph to help you out.