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  1. You've been using MathQuill for the past few lessons, and hopefully you've
  2. gotten used to entering exponents and fractions using it, making your equations
  3. and expressions look super pretty. But now that we're starting to use radicals,
  4. we need to use MathQuill in a new way. I already showed you earlier how to enter
  5. square roots in MathQuill, you type backslash sqrt space, and then whatever goes
  6. inside. The MathQuill also lets us write nthroots. So, it allows us to type
  7. radical signs and then type whatever number we want for the index, and then, of
  8. course, enter whatever we want underneath the radical. To write a radical sign
  9. when you need to write a number you just write backslash nthroot space, and then
  10. whatever number you want to go in this spot up here. To get out of typing in the
  11. index spot, to typing underneath the radical sign again, you need to type a
  12. right arrow key. So, try out these first two where you can use some instructions
  13. on what to type. And then, for your two challenge problems, I'd like you to
  14. experiment combining the different functionalities in MathQuill that we've been
  15. using with this new set of tools. So, we have, for example, in this term,
  16. exponents combined with radicals and fractions all in one. So, if you can do
  17. this, you're an official MathQuill pro. Just experiment, just have fun to see
  18. how incredibly powerful this tool is.