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  1. Hey Jeremy.
  2. >> Oh, hi Mark, just a second.
  3. >> What are you doing here?
  4. >> I'm building the libraries
    my app depends on.
  5. >> What?
    >> I'm building the libraries my
  6. app depends on.
  7. I've got like eight Gradle projects
    set up, and I've got to build them in
  8. exactly the right order, making sure
    each project's output is ready to be
  9. consumed by the next project, then I
    send them all over to this project here,
  10. where they get built into my app.
  11. >> Wow, impressive.
  12. >> I know right, it's pretty spiffy.
  13. >> Oh man, multi projects.
  14. >> Oh no.
    I know that face,
  15. that's the face you make when Gradle can
    automate something I've been working
  16. hard to do on my own.
  17. >> No no, keep it up.
  18. >> Come on Mark, Gradle can
    handle all this for me, right?
  19. >> No, no, this is the way to do it.
  20. >> Bro, don't hold out on me.
  21. Come on, help me automate all this.
  22. >> All right,
    let's set up the multi project build.
  23. >> Thank you.