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  1. Okay, so this is going to be attendee, it does start with a vowel sound.
  2. >> Nice.
  3. >> Okay, on data type.
  4. >> So this is what it's going to by default make the name, and so I guess
  5. in the case of attendees we'll have real names, we can just leave it as text.
  6. >> And.
  7. >> There's optional features, we can go back
  8. and add them if we need them later.
  9. >> Okay.
  10. >> It's deployed, and actually, you might want to click
  11. to launch the New Custom Tab wizard.
  12. >> Okay. What would have happened if, what does that do?
  13. >> If, it's going to allow us to create a tab automatically, so
  14. we can add it into our app, just like how we have
  15. the festival tab. If we didn't check that box, we could just
  16. go create a tab by going through the setup tree on the left.
  17. >> The tab, so these guys up here?
  18. >> At the top.
  19. >> Home chatter files.
  20. >> Exactly.
  21. >> Okay, so, Save. Oh, New Custom
  22. Object tab. Alright. Object attendee. Tab style.
  23. This is fun. This is just like some image that represents our attendees?
  24. >> Yup. This'll be the image that goes at the top when we click
  25. into the tab. It can be random, it really doesn't matter what it is.
  26. >> No, I want a good one. Okay, people, people, right?
  27. >> That's right.
  28. >> Okay. this optional. If it's optional
  29. I'm basically just going to forget about it, Sam.
  30. >> It's okay, yeah, don't fill it out.
  31. >> Okay.
  32. >> This again is security. Just leave a default on.
  33. That's fine. Everyone will be able to see this tab.
  34. And then this one is actually important, because it's choosing
  35. which apps to add this tab to. So, we don't
  36. really need to include it in all the other ones.
  37. >> Oh.
  38. >> But we want to select the festival app to add it to our festival app.
  39. >> Save.