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حوران الحارّه طفلة الموت ولا المذلة ولن نركع الا لله جمعة الغضب

  • 0:09 - 0:14
    May peace be upon you, My name is the children of Syria, and my name is the children of Hauran. I address
  • 0:14 - 0:28
    the president Bashar Al Assad. And I say to him, kill us as you please, you will leave as you came, You may cut
  • 0:28 - 0:36
    us off from bread, and from the electricity, and the water, and the air if you can. We will not surrender
  • 0:36 - 0:48
    nor will we bow except to God. God is Great. Oh President, sir, listen to the voices of the youth
  • 0:48 - 1:01
    Death is preferable to humiliation. And us, the children, the children and women of these young men
  • 1:01 - 1:10
    made a vow to God and this nation, No return, No return, No return. Leave us you betrayer, you traitor,
  • 1:10 - 1:22
    He who kills his people is a traitor. This is the "Salafi" girl. And I say to you President, sir, we
  • 1:22 - 1:48
    are one people, Muslims and Christians, Alawites and Druze, and the army and the people are one
  • 1:48 - 1:54
    Daraa cried, and its cries were answered by Latakia, Banyas, and Homs. Homs and Banyas cried
  • 1:54 - 2:02
    and their cries were answered by Douma, Al Kiswe, Daraya, and Al Moadamiya. Jassem cried, and its cries
  • 2:02 - 2:15
    were answered by Inkhil, "With our soul, with our blood we will defend you Jassem". And I also say to you,
  • 2:15 - 2:23
    we the children of Syria, are members of the Revolution, not members of the Ba'ath Party.
  • 2:23 - 2:33
    The traitor Ba'ath Party will fall, fall, fall. I say to you, the regime, that the final decision is that
  • 2:33 -
    The people want the regime to fall.
حوران الحارّه طفلة الموت ولا المذلة ولن نركع الا لله جمعة الغضب
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