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  1. The answer to this question is T, A, T, A, A, A. And the way you want to come up
  2. with that is, we're going to go position by position. Let's
  3. imagine that we're working our way backwards, right, in the
  4. promoter region; minus 30, minus 31, 32, minus 40,
  5. wherever we happen to be at in the sequence. Let's
  6. take this first position. We have six different samples. Person
  7. 1 has a A here, person 2 has a T,
  8. person 3 has a T, person 4 has a T, person 5 has an A, and person 6
  9. has a T. There are four T's and two
  10. A's. The consensus, right, the agreed position is simply
  11. the majority. The T, the thymine wins out. So
  12. we have a T here in this position. The
  13. second position in this sequence A, A, A, T,
  14. A, A, the dominant position, right, the consensus is
  15. adenine or A. The next position, T,T,T,A,T,A, again T wins. A,A,A,A,A,A
  16. wins. A,T,A,A,A,A, A wins again. And T,A,T,A,A,A. A wins again. And
  17. that's how we get the consensus sequence TATAAA or TATAAA.