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  1. Let's take a look at some value proposition examples.
  2. I've selected some to just give you an idea of how other startups
  3. have approached articulating their value proposition.
  4. Here was a company that was actually trying to develop a bio-based replacement
  5. for surfactants.
  6. They actually went out and understood the problem, came up with some solutions,
  7. and were trying to explain the pains and gains of their value proposition.
  8. Another example was a robotics agricultural weeding device.
  9. You notice here they're not talking about their device at all;
  10. they're talking about the problem.
  11. Hand weeding of farm fields for organic crops is a nightmare.
  12. Another example: a company that was actually trying to figure out
  13. a better way to do cancer tests.
  14. They actually tried to understand what the problem was.
  15. And the problem was that cancer cells get detached and are circulating in the bloodstream,
  16. and oncologists and pathologists are trying to figure out
  17. whether their patients have circulating cancer tumor cells.
  18. And their features match the pain and the gain.
  19. The rest of the slides give you some examples of value propositions in medical devices,
  20. in dental care, etc.
  21. You can click on the link below for additional examples.