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Suzanne Foxton 1 - 'No Body In Particular' - Interview by Renate McNay


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Suzanne Foxton - 'No Body In Particular' - Interview by Renate McNay

Suzanne Foxton is a mother and artist who works and lives in Kew in the United Kingdom. She was born a Hoosier (native of the US state of Indiana). She says she muddles along as best as she can, like most of humanity. Suzanne believes the particulars of her story are unimportant and she doesn't take much of anything too seriously. Her blog, Nothing Exists Despite Appearances, is an attempt to point to the infinite, eternal, and ultimately non-existent nature of reality. She began writing the blog to avoid having to talk to anyone about Non-Duality, as she found that the revelation of the true nature of existence tends to alienate people in manifested reality. Now she continues to write because it's fun. Everything she ever thought was important is gone; what is left is everything and nothing, boundless and beautiful. In this interview Suzanne shares with all of us the pain and despair she experienced in her life up to the point when manifested reality revealed itself and 'story' became unimportant.