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  1. Okay, we exit the loop and, well, I'll take into account, I guess,
  2. if there is a point or if there's not a period at the end we
  3. might have an exception, we'll take that into account.
  4. Then the, the code brings a new line, and then-
  5. >> But for, for, for the 31, 31, the commenter,
  6. are we assuming that we were going to search something here with the,
  7. the use of the word assert or is that just, is that a,-
  8. Well I know it was more like a note for myself that the count is
  9. a a blanks because that is the conditions that should be verified here,
  10. I mean I might, may make that into an assert later on.
  11. >> Weren't you for my own edification an amazing, these one,
  12. two, three, four, Four print lines in a row,
  13. tell me what you're expecting to see coming out of each of those.
  14. >> I'm just expecting to see well, some white space.
  15. >> That's about it.
  16. So the first one will be a blank plane.
  17. >> Yeah. Just, you know, to kind of put some distance between the list of.
  18. >> Okay, then the second one will.
  19. >> Let's just say the number of blank.
  20. >> Is.
  21. >> Is, blanks is and then print the number of blanks.
  22. >> Should be printing to a count.
  23. >> Yeah, no, you're right, it should.
  24. As I said, I mean, I was kind of kind of writing this in a hurry, and
  25. yeah, this should be, this should be count.
  26. >> And, it would be on the next line.
  27. >> Mm-hm. >> And, it would be on the next-
  28. >> It won't be width contiguous with the text.
  29. >> Yeah.
  30. >> Well hold up that, that's [CROSSTALK].
  31. >> No, actually no.
  32. [INAUDIBLE] >> Oh, I'm sorry, print.
  33. >> [CROSSTALK] Couldn't we just combine all these into one.
  34. [CROSSTALK].
  35. >> Yeah, I should probably, yeah.
  36. [CROSSTALK].
  37. >> Couldn't we just combine all four of these into one?
  38. [INAUDIBLE].
  39. >> Sure, we could use, you know, slash n and then, is slash n is >> Slash n.
  40. >> [CROSSTALK].
  41. >> Sure, yeah, we could use slash n.
  42. Is that allowed in the kind of code standard that we use?
  43. >> You just told me there weren't any standards and so, yeah.
  44. >> This is just a little amusing.
  45. >> [CROSSTALK] much of, yeah.
  46. Mm-hm.
  47. >> Okay, so this can be connected, concatenated in one line,
  48. maybe, I thought that this was going to improve readability, but
  49. that's >> We don't have to use that.
  50. >> Maybe that's not, that's not the case.
  51. >> The other side of this, this paper.
  52. >> We have an extra log sheet.
  53. >> You going to run out of room?
  54. >> I got it. >> Okay, because,-
  55. >> I anticipated ahead that we would have many defects.
  56. >> Well, obviously, that's been the case.
  57. >> Maybe you're being too picky, but fine.
  58. >> It looks like dogs barks, repetition precedes it.
  59. [LAUGH]. >> Well let's continue for now.