S03M01:Tracing ArtStarts Explores: Our Province at Play

S03M01:Tracing ArtStarts Explores: Our Province at Play

May 2020, An Introduction to Tracing
ArtStarts Explores: Our Province at Play digital series

This week, we explore TRACING.
Be sure to join us for our 2 part live workshop series hosted on Facebook Live: Saturday, May 23rd and May 30th at 11 A.M. The sessions will then be captioned and added to our channel here!

Our weekly, free family programming goes online in this new bi-weekly series focused on getting families to make time for play and exploration together. Our art-making, process-based workshops encourage folks to try new things, and to embrace experimentation and discovery as we build critical thinking skills together.

Narration, script & subtitles: Kay Slater (shared using the CC-share like-attribution license, feel free to use and remix this video)!
Music credit: Ghost Dance, By Kevin MacLeod - used under the CC share-alike-attribution license. Thank you Kevin.

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