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  1. Hi, I'm Sarah Maurer and I'm an
    associate professor
  2. at Central Connecticut State University.
  3. I'll be your instructor for this course.
  4. I am specifically interested in studying
    protocells and how
  5. you can put living functions into these
    small little containers.
  6. But also, more generally, prebiotic
  7. and early metabolisms, and how you can
    go from a chemical mixture to first life.
  8. So that transition.
  9. I work predominantly with undergraduate
    students and
  10. I am supported by both NASA and
  11. the National Science Foundation who are
    supporting this course as well.
  12. I have been interested in origins of life
    for a very long time.
  13. In my very first biochemistry course, on
    the first day,
  14. we talked about the Miller Urey experiment
  15. it really sparked my imagination and I've
    been studying origins of life ever since
  16. I am really excited to be your instructor
    for this course.
  17. This is my first time teaching an online
    course and
  18. I'm excited to see how our content can
    reach such a large, diverse population.
  19. And also,
  20. what this brings to your discussions. Both
    here in our forums but also,
  21. back in your labs, or field sites, or you
    know even when you go home at the
  22. end of the day when you're talking with
    your cat.
  23. Alright, I'll see you on the other side.