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  1. So one of the more powerful techniques that psychologists have at their
  2. disposal for understanding where a personality comes from is twin adoption
  3. studies. Now, twin adoption studies are so important because they really
  4. simulate these naturally occurring experiments as it were. So the twin part is
  5. really shorthand for how genetically related people are. So, for instance
  6. identical twins are 100% genetically related, fraternal twins, siblings and
  7. parents and off springs are 50% genetically related. Cousins then for instance
  8. are about 12% genetically related on average. The adoption part is important
  9. because it varies the environment. So whether people are raised in the same
  10. family and household are in different families and households. So we can't
  11. randomly assign people to these conditions, so we have to use what nature gives
  12. us and that's the Twin Adoption Study. So the best way to study the affects of
  13. genes in environment or nature and nurture on personality is to study different
  14. kinds of relatives brought up in different kinds of environments. So now let's
  15. go to Lauren for a question.