Best Fungal Nail Treatment - Powerful Toenail Fungus Cream

Best Fungal Nail Treatment - Powerful Toenail Fungus Cream
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When looking at how to choose the best fungal nail treatment it can become quite confusing as to which avenue of treatment to head down and then which product to try. Questions you might be asking do home remedies work, should I use natural, over the counter or prescribed treatment? Does it need to be oral or topical? Here is some advice about the many options of fungal nail infection treatments and a guide on how to choose the best fungal nail treatment that will be effective, affordable and suit you.

About toenail fungus

Nail fungus is something that a lot of people may suffer with at some point in their lives, and as you age you become more prone to it. It can be hard to treat successfully, though. Symptoms include distortion, change in color, debris beneath the nail, pain, the nail lifting off the bed, crumbling and brittleness. People feel embarrassed and will usually try to hide the problem with nail varnish, false nails, and wearing shoes that hide the toes. There are several fungi that can cause it, candida, which is a fungus that lives on most of us and can overgrow and cause infection, and the most common cause, Dermatophytes, which can be picked up from places like public pools, locker rooms, hotels and so on. If it is not treated it can affect the whole nail and spread to others.

Treatments prescribed by a doctor

When thinking about how to choose the best fungal nail treatment often people will presume that something prescribed from your doctor is going to be more effective. However, in fact, the success rate of a treatment is not much increased if you choose medicated options, but the potential risk of serious side effects is. Prescription treatment for toenail fungus is usually in oral form, there are fewer topical prescribed treatments. Oral treatment means there are more risks of mild side effects like digestive problems, and more serious issues like liver damage.

Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for toenail fungus, Listerine foot baths, Vaseline, Apple cider vinegar to name a few. For a few people they seem to be somewhat effective, but for most people, they end up being a waste of time. Treating nail fungus needs to be done over a long period of time and if you chose one that is ineffective that is time for the infection to actually worsen rather than get better. Some home remedies require doing something several times a day which may not suit all lifestyles, and there can be side effects or allergic reactions.

Laser Treatment

This is the latest treatment for toenail fungus and therefore there is not enough information on long term effects. While it appears to be the most effective option there still needs to be larger studies done. And the main drawback of this option is cost. This is something only those with a lot of spare money can really consider as treatment can run from around a thousand dollars or more depending on how many trips you need to make.

Natural Treatment

A lot of people looking at how to choose the best fungal nail treatment to opt for a natural treatment. There are effective options and they do not come with the serious side effects of prescribed treatments, or the cost of laser treatment. You can talk with alternative practitioners about a treatment designed for you or you can try one of several over the counter all natural products. The length of treatment depends on how severe your infection is, and not all products are equal, some are ineffective for a lot of dissatisfied users and some brands are only effective for mild cases so read the label carefully.

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