How SlideShare Helped David Beat Goliath

If it’s Wednesday, it must be Ken and Carol day on The LinkedIn Lady Show! Out lead story is week should be true inspiration for any small business to take on the goliath in their space. Meet Emil, the designer who newsjacked the NSA’s PRISM brouhaha. What was happening? What did Emil do? And how did it explode his business – literally overnight.

But of course we won’t stop there. Today’s show will reveal the hidden (in fact buried) free analytics tool built into Twitter. Then we move on to some important observations about Apple’s new hardware and two new operating systems OS X Mavericks for Macs and iOS7 for mobile devices. Even non-Apple converts are bound to be impressed.

If we already know that Millennials have filterless boundaries when it comes to privacy and transparency – why then are retailers and businesses not encouraging and taking advantage of online reviews and social conversations?

Maybe you heard about Facebook’s first official shareholders meeting. To say it was tense is a mild-understatement – but why? And what is Facebook doing about it?