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  1. Visualizations like this one are a core component of exploratory
  2. data analysis. We're going to be using the R programming
  3. language to create these types of visualizations and to explore
  4. data throughout the course. You can read more about the R
  5. programming language and how it was developed by clicking on
  6. the link in the instructor notes. We'll also learn about RStudio,
  7. which is this program. It's a graphical user interface for
  8. programming in R. You'll learn all about RStudio in the next
  9. lesson, and future lessons will cover visualization and statistical
  10. techniques for data exploration. We'll start by examining one variable
  11. at a time in a dataset. This will give us
  12. an idea of its underlining distribution and what type of
  13. values the variable takes on. Eventually our visualizations will
  14. become more complex as we look at pairs of variables
  15. and multiple variables all at once. At the end of
  16. the course you'll have the chance to conduct your own
  17. exploratory data analysis. I hope you're getting excited
  18. to explore data. See you in the next lesson.