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  1. You might already be
    familiar with Gradle,
  2. as the magic that happens when
    you hit run in Android Studio.
  3. >> Or you might be familiar
    with other build tools and
  4. are just looking to ramp up on Gradle.
  5. These days it takes a lot of work
    to turn a pile of source code and
  6. resources into a shipped,
    tested and functioning app.
  7. >> In this class, we'll learn to use
    Gradle to automate these processes,
  8. which makes software development so much
    more fun and so much more productive.
  9. >> Anyone serious about making
    a business in Android or
  10. Java development should understand
    the complexities that development will
  11. kill you if you don't automate.
  12. Welcome to Gradle and Android for Java.
  13. I'm Mark, a Core Engineer at Gradle.
  14. >> And I'm Jeremy,
    a Course Developer at Udacity.
  15. >> In this course we'll be focusing
    specifically on how to build your app.
  16. And we'll assume you're familiar
    with writing simple Java and
  17. Android applications.
  18. >> If you're just starting on your
    Android journey, Udacity also has
  19. a developing Android apps course, which
    you might want to take before this one.
  20. >> This course is divided
    into four lessons.
  21. First we'll learn the basics of
    Gradle and Gradle build scripts.
  22. >> Then in lesson two, we'll learn to
    use Gradle to build Java projects.
  23. >> In lesson three, we'll learn how
    Gradle interacts with Android Studio,
  24. and how to create app with free and
    paid flavors.
  25. >> Finally, we'll learn how to use
    Gradle to automate a whole raft of
  26. useful Android tasks, like dependency
    management, unit testing and sign-in.
  27. It will be a bit of a whirlwind tour but
  28. we'll do our best to call out any
    topics where you can dig in deeper.
  29. There's nothing magic about
    the App Build process but
  30. it can get pretty complicated at times.
  31. >> All right.
  32. I'm ready.
    Let's build something.
  33. >> Sounds good Jeremy.
  34. Let's dig into the Java and
    Android build process.
  35. >> Yeah.