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  1. As you continue learning about EDA in the next
  2. lessons, you'll get to hear from Moira. Moira's done
  3. some exciting work at Facebook and she'll be sharing
  4. one of her projects with you. Let's hear from her.
  5. >> So one of the things that I've been looking at
  6. lately is whether people's perception of their audience on Facebook matches up
  7. to the reality. Who's actually seeing the content that they're sharing. Because
  8. who think is in your audience really affects how you present yourself.
  9. So to investigate this problem, I worked with Michael
  10. Bernstein, Brian Carr, and Eytan Bakshy. And together we
  11. ran a survey where we pointed people to a
  12. post that they'd made in the last couple of
  13. weeks, and we said, how many people do you
  14. think saw this post? And then we took their
  15. responses to that question and we actually counted how
  16. many people had viewed that post for about a second
  17. at least and we found that there was a pretty big
  18. mismatch between people's perceived audience
  19. size and their actual audience size.