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  1. In this exercise, we're going to try to make the petals look better. Starting
  2. with your solution to the previous problem, make two small changes that will
  3. make the petals look more realistic. The first is to squish the petals, make
  4. them one quarter as tall as they were before. The second is to tilt the petals
  5. up by 20 degrees. When you're done you should get something like this, which
  6. looks at least a little bit more like a flower. Notice that all of the points of
  7. the petals should still be at the center of the stamen, the sphere at the top of
  8. the stem. When I first solved this problem, my petals were pointing below the
  9. stamen, which isn't what I wanted. I expect that you can do better than I first
  10. did.