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  1. So adding colors wouldn't increase the latency, but it would
  2. increase the bandwidth. What bandwidth means, is the amount of information
  3. that can be transmitted per unit time. And it doesn't matter
  4. if there's a start-up time. Right, the start-up time is the
  5. latency. That's how long it takes to start sending a
  6. message across. That's how long it takes for the start of
  7. the message to be received. The bandwidth is, once you've got
  8. some part of the message across, what's the rate that you
  9. can send information? So, this is going to be measured
  10. in terms of units of information divided by units
  11. of time. So bandwidth could be measured in terms
  12. of bits per second. On the Internet this is
  13. often measured In Mbps, which is megabits per second
  14. or million bits per second. I haven't yet explained
  15. what a bit is, and in order to understand
  16. information, it's important to understand what a bit is.