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  1. I want us to find different ways to think
    through living
  2. and different ways to construct power.
  3. How do we think about the natural world
  4. in a way that doesn't destroy it?
  5. I think all artists want to change the world.
  6. I hope all artists want to change the world.
  7. And if there's any place that we can imagine
    a different world,
  8. it's through art, it's through literature,
    it's through film.
  9. And I'm completely willing to say it.
  10. And maybe if I'm willing to say it,
    other artists will say it, too,
  11. that, you know, come the revolution,
    I'm going to be ready.
  12. [Diana Thater in "Los Angeles"]
    [September 23, 2016 on PBS]