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  1. Here's a perspective projection matrix. Say you multiply a point with a
  2. coordinate, 3,7,0,1 by this matrix. I'll save you the effort. You get 3, 7,
  3. negative 2.2, 0. W is 0. If you try to divide negative 2 by 2 by 0 without
  4. safety glasses on, the world ends. In fact for any point X, Y, 0, 1, we'll get
  5. a W of 0. What do all of these points have in common? The points are exactly on
  6. one of the faces of the frustum itself. The points are in the anti-frustum, a
  7. mirrored frustum behind the camera. The points are on a plane parallel to the
  8. near plane that goes through the origin. Or the points are behind the camera.