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  1. Alright, I'm slightly less overwhelmed now.
  2. >> Great.
  3. >> Let's fill the app. I'm guessing I do that
  4. by, is it the big green button that says Add App?
  5. >> You're so smart Andy.
  6. >> Thanks, Sam.
  7. >> Kay, so, what's the name of our app? What should we call it?
  8. >> What are we trying to track?
  9. >> Festivals?
  10. >> Sounds good.
  11. >> Check out Festival App. Okay?
  12. >> That works. What's the main type
  13. of data you need to track? That's festival
  14. [INAUDIBLE].
  15. >> Exactly. And you can see this little preview down there
  16. of what it's actually going to look like once it creates it.
  17. >> Yeah, okay, has me do the plurals. Doesn't figure
  18. out the S by itself, but I guess that's acceptable.
  19. >> Language is complicated.
  20. >> Right, right. Create.
  21. >> And so what this is going to do is
  22. create a couple other things for us. It's created that
  23. festival object, which we'll go a little bit into
  24. what that is, to be able to store festival data.
  25. >> Okay.
  26. >> Then, it creates a permission set.
  27. So if this were say a private thing that we
  28. were trying to create, we could add some security around it.
  29. >> Okay.
  30. >> And it also adds a few other tabs into our application
  31. so that we can do some other useful things besides just track festivals.
  32. >> Okay.
  33. >> So, why don't you click into, go into the app.
  34. >> Okay. Alright.