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  1. My name's Molly Mackinlay, I'm from Belleview Washington and I'm a senior here
  2. at Stanford. And I first got into computer science when I was doing a first
  3. robotics program at my high school. I didn't take any coding classes until I
  4. got to Sanford and I took CS106A, my freshman year, fall quarter. And I loved
  5. it, but before that I thought I was interested in math, science, maybe
  6. engineering. And so I took an engineering course in the summer at Cornell
  7. University, trying to figure out if that's something I was interested in. And
  8. there I got to tour their HCI lab, which is Human Computer Interaction, and
  9. that studies how people interact with technology. And I was really interested
  10. in how to design technology for people. And make it something that was going to
  11. be both effective and really useful for them and that's what really got me
  12. excited about exploring CS. Because computer science is all about designing and
  13. solving problems that are going to be useful for the people that are using
  14. these programs. And so from there I took a lot of really amazing CS classes
  15. here. And from there I was sold. And I took the rest of the CS classes and had
  16. a really great time with it.