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  1. So far we've only talked about how to
    use Gradle to build a project component
  2. of a single deliverable output.
  3. But builds rarely stay so simple.
  4. A Gradle project can have
    any number of sub projects,
  5. each of which also has
    their own sub projects.
  6. Every multi project build
    also has a root project.
  7. Even if that root project is
    the container for its subprojects.
  8. You'll generally create a subproject
    in order to move some reusable
  9. functionality into a library.
  10. That way the library can be used
    by other projects, and also so
  11. Gradle can determine
    that the library and
  12. the app that depends on it
    should be built together.
  13. A Gradle multi-project build is
    configured in a settings decorative file
  14. in the root of your project.
  15. If you're creating an Android app,
  16. using Android Studio this file's
    automatically generated for you.
  17. In fact, every Android project
    created by Android Studio
  18. is a Gradle multi project by default.
  19. Note, Android Studio refers to
    sub projects as modules, but
  20. we'll use the two terms interchangeably.
  21. Lets check out an example.