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  1. As you might have seen in some of the preceding units,
  2. I like to write parody songs about computer science topics.
  3. I provide links to my songs about sorting and the halting problem,
  4. and I also have one about binary numbers that turned out to be pretty popular.
  5. When I was recording the units of this class,
  6. I decided I wanted to make a new song for this class.
  7. I told my friends at Udacity, and they were very supportive.
  8. In fact, they joined in and helped me make my first collaborative academic parody song.
  9. I wanted to use a currently popular song and use it to touch on the main topics in the class.
  10. It was very fun to make, and I'm so appreciate to my friends at Udacity for making it happen.
  11. I think it came out really well, and I hope you enjoy it.