#rC3 - I could not resist

#rC3 - I could not resist


Resists for Electron Beam Lithography (EBL)

Photoresists are one of the essential ingredients for chip manufacturing and micro/nano engineering.
We will show how we’re using them in a DIY Electron Beam Lithography set-up and how you’re able to cook your own cheap resists and mix your own developers.

Resists? What's that?

What are their applications
How does it work (types (positive/negative), chemistry, proximity effect, dosage etc)

EBL? What's that?

How does it work
Pros & cons: comparison between EBL (slow) photolithography (fast)
Which resist can I use for EBL

DIY cooking of PMMA based resists

Comparison of different solvents

Composition of different developers

Comparison of different developers


Usage as a mask
Usage as a structural dielectric material

The EBL exposure process

simple SEM retrofitted with an EBL controller
The common file formats (GDSII & OASIS)
Scan-Gen: how to generate the proper curves for the exposure
Hardware: off-the-shelf embedded modules like the RedPitaya
Generation of different filling curve styles, calibration, compensation of the proximity effect, correction of the SEMs intrinsic parameters, dosage!
Fiducial detection and alignment for multi-pass/multi-layer processes

Stuff comes together

walk through the complete process along a simple example

More Examples

Thanks & Credits

Q & A



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