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  1. Here is a visualization of the RGB color space. The axis to the left shows the
  2. red channel increasing. The vertical axis is green. And the channel to the right
  3. is blue. We can't see the interior of the cube showing intermediate values. All
  4. the values we can see in this particular have one or more channels at the
  5. maximum. Here's a view inside the cube with the red and blue axes swapped. Next,
  6. this direction doesn't really matter. The point inside the cube shows how sky
  7. blue is formed by the RGB values of 1 5th red, 3 5th green, and 4 5th blue.
  8. Another way to visualize the RGB color space, is to take a slice of the cube at
  9. these three corners. Each corner represents a single color channel at full
  10. intensity, with the other two channels off. For example this vertex is where
  11. green is set to one and red and blue are 0. By slicing a plane through these
  12. three corners, we'll be able to see where red plus green plus blue equal 1. This
  13. slice gives another view of how these colors blend. This is what the next
  14. exercise is about.