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Rare 1980 Footage of Funky Four Plus One, Live at The Kitchen, NYC


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Legendary original school quintet Funky Four Plus One performing their Enjoy Records classic “Rappin and Rockin the House” live at NYC’s The Kitchen in 1980.

From the event “Dubbed in Glamour” – one of three consecutive nights in late November of that year devoted to the creative women of the downtown music and art scene curated by art writer Edit DeAk and featuring Tina L’Hotsky, Anya Phillips, Pattie Astor, Cookie Muller, Debbie Harry, Bush Tetras, Vivienne Dick and others (peep the original poster art image in the gallery).

Sha-Rock‘s performance with her upper Bronx crew was apparently a highlight of the program and it’s easy to see why based on this.

The Funky Four: K.K. Rockwell, Li'l Rodney C!, Keith Keith, Jazzy Jeff & Sha Rock