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  1. In English, the word transform is a verb and means a dramatic change. Such as I
  2. saw the cube transform into a unicorn. I won't be using that form, I'll be using
  3. it as a noun, where transform is a mathematical term meaning an operation that
  4. changes the position, orientation, or size and shape of an object. Transforms
  5. are a key part of computer graphics. In these lessons, I'll be explaining how
  6. transforms work. You probably didn't realize it, but you've already been using
  7. transforms in a few of the previous exercises. When you set the position of an
  8. object, you were using a type of transform called a translation. We use
  9. transforms whenever we animate anything, objects, lights, or cameras. We're
  10. going to spend a fair a bit of time on transforms since they allow us to do so
  11. much. The study of transforms for computer graphics is associated with the field
  12. of linear algebra. This field is concerned with vector spaces and is usually
  13. considered a prerequisite for any computer graphics programming course. If you
  14. know a bit about linear algebra, great. Having a deeper and wider understanding
  15. of the subject will help. However, basic computer graphics needs just a few
  16. small bits of theory to get things going. My goal in these lessons ahead is to
  17. teach you the tools you'll need to quickly and effectively be able to control
  18. your virtual world.