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  1. All right, so let's have a quiz about supervised classification examples.
  2. Here are a few examples of problems and you tell me which ones sound like
  3. supervised classification would be the right tool to try to solve them with.
  4. So the first one is, using an album of tagged photographs, try and
  5. recognize someone in a picture.
  6. Or analyzing bank data for weird-looking transactions, and
  7. when you find something weird, you flag that as possible fraud.
  8. The next one is,
  9. given someone's musical choices and the features of the music that they like,
  10. say, what the tempo is or the genre, recommend a new song that they might like.
  11. And the last one is clustering Udacity students into different types based on
  12. the learning styles that they have.
  13. So, place a check next to which one of these options you think are examples of
  14. supervised classification problems.