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  1. Welcome to our last Office Hours.
  2. This is basically just kind of a wrap up and any last questions that we saw
  3. that we felt needed to be answered before we ended the course. Right? >>Yep, yep.
  4. Okay. Let's just jump right in.
  5. First question was if you were building
    Reddit or Hipmunk today,
  6. would you build it on Google App Engine or
    would you go ahead and--
  7. That's a really good question, and
    the short answer is: I'm not sure.
  8. I think we could build Reddit or Hipmunk on
    Google App Engine.
  9. Probably definitely Hipmunk, a site that I know is--because it's a travel site--
  10. it's never going to be at the scale that Reddit is,
  11. because even the biggest travel sites aren't anywhere near the scale that Reddit is.
  12. Yeah, so I would have no problem doing that.
  13. Now, Reddit--it's funny, because when I started Reddit we didn't expect it to be a big site.
  14. I was actually--my level of knowledge was less than where yours is now.
  15. App Engine would have saved us a lot of heartache.
  16. Now, for the scale that Reddit is now, I don't know if App Engine would work.
  17. Because it's at such a large scale we need to have control over a lot of little pieces,
  18. but I think for the first couple of years of Reddit's life absolutely it would've worked just fine.
  19. Over Reddit's existence, we've rewritten it
    probably 5 or 6 times
  20. and moved a couple data centers and we moved from our own machines
  21. to our first data center to now we're on
    Amazon Web Services.
  22. Each of those was a pretty major
    architecture change.
  23. I imagine we'd consider starting the App Engine
  24. and then probably migrate to our own more custom setup down the road.