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  1. You've done all this research and
    competitor analysis, so now what?
  2. Well, use it.
  3. You can get sharp on your original idea
    or alter the idea based on what you
  4. learned from user research and
    other early idea validation.
  5. We have four activities that can help
    you get more clarity on your idea.
  6. The first is a Twitter description,
  7. how would you announce your product
    in a 140 characters, or less?
  8. This activity helps you get laser
    focus on the key user value and
  9. your product market fit.
  10. The second is you could write
    a future press release.
  11. How would your product
    first appear in the news?
  12. You can use this structure to
    focus yourself and your team.
  13. The structure ensures that you
    capture your future vision.
  14. The third is a one
    page executive summary.
  15. This is the shortest and
    clearest way to define your product.
  16. And finally, the fourth is
    an experienced strategy template.
  17. This template is appropriate for
    defining new product categories.
  18. And in the instructor notes, you'll find
    templates for each of these activities.
  19. Take a minute to read over them, and
  20. think about which one would help
    you get more clarity on your idea.