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  1. So now we've added to code to push the
    event into the data layer, what next?
  2. In the tag manager dashboard you can
    define tags that send those events
  3. on to Analytics.
  4. So far you've created variables and
    triggers and
  5. now you're going to create tags.
  6. So just like data collection
    variables tags are fired by triggers.
  7. For the value collection variable,
  8. the trigger determines which value
    to use for keys in the variable.
  9. For tags the trigger
    initiates data forwarding,
  10. according to the rules setup in the tag.
  11. Before we create the tags, though,
  12. there's data layer variable
    that we need to create.
  13. We've already used it in our code.
  14. What is it?
  15. Go ahead and create the variable,
    enter the value here,
  16. and check this box when you're done.
  17. And if you're not sure what it is,
    look in the code.