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  1. Tashka Yawanawá (Sharp exhale)
  2. (Sharp exhale)

  3. (Sharp exhale)

  4. (Sharp exhale)

  5. (Singing)

  6. (Singing ends)

  7. (Sharp exhale)

  8. I'm Tashka Yawanawá.

  9. I'm here with my wife.
  10. I come from the Yawanawá community,
  11. which is located in the state of Acre
  12. in the Brazilian Amazon.
  13. Takes some days to arrive here.
  14. I just did the song
  15. to reconnect us
    to the spirit of the rainforest.
  16. From immemorial time,
  17. my people live in the Yawanawá territory.
  18. We see this holistic way
  19. of how nature is.
  20. Nature, to us, belongs
    to the whole of humanity.
  21. And we Yawanawá see
  22. the environment, the forest, as alive.
  23. But everything is always a challenge.
  24. Mostly now, because I think
    many of you know

  25. that the Amazon now is on fire.
  26. That affects all of us.
  27. Destroying the Amazon does not affect
    just the indigenous people,
  28. because we are all connected.
  29. Whatever we do in my community,
    if I burn everything,
  30. it's going to affect it here,
  31. when the snow comes here at Christmas.
  32. If you pollute here,
  33. it's going to affect it when the rain
    comes to my country.
  34. I used to say we all belong
    to the global village.
  35. I used to say, Amazon belongs to humanity,
  36. and also that humanity needs to take care
    as the indigenous do in the world.
  37. And for this reason,
  38. today is a time to wake, unite us.
  39. We Yawanawá are doing our part.
  40. We take care of Mother Earth.
  41. And now, I will give to my wife.
  42. Laura Yawanawá: We are here
    with our hearts crying.

  43. I am smiling here, but my heart is crying,
  44. because a lot of our forests
    are being destroyed.
  45. And I just want to give you a message.
  46. This crisis is giving
    humanity two options.
  47. One option is you help to end,
    to destroy and exterminate
  48. all our forests and all
    our cultures that go with it.
  49. Or, we transform this crisis
    into an opportunity
  50. to empower indigenous people,
  51. to support indigenous people
  52. and to save the rainforest
    and their cultures.
  53. And how can you do that?
  54. We have, the Yawanawá,
    we created a life plan,

  55. which is our strategic planning
  56. that tells us the steps
    of how we want to secure our territory.
  57. We take care of about
    200,000 hectares of rainforest.
  58. But now it's under threat.
  59. So this life plan shows the steps
    for us to secure our land,
  60. our biodiversity,
  61. our culture, our education.
  62. I invite you all,

  63. I invite all companies,
  64. I invite all governments,
    all civil society,
  65. to listen to indigenous peoples,
  66. to go back to our roots.
  67. We have been here
    for many, many ... for centuries.

  68. And we have been trying
    to scream to the world
  69. that we need to protect
    our territory, our nature.
  70. And you never listen to us.
  71. Never.
  72. I guess this crisis is teaching humanity
  73. that now you need to listen to us
  74. and to support indigenous
    peoples directly,
  75. to support their initiatives directly.
  76. So that's the message
    that I would love to leave to you.
  77. That indigenous people have the answer,
  78. and if you want to save the Amazon,
  79. we have to take action now.
  80. TY: (Sharp exhale)

  81. (Applause)