Bali and Beyond: An Internet Governance Forum Debrief @ISOCDC

Bali and Beyond: An Internet Governance Forum Debrief @ISOCDC

Internet Society Washington DC Chapter -- Bali and Beyond: An Internet Governance Forum Debrief -- at the Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center, Washington, DC. on November 8 2013.

Late last month, more than a thousand delegates from almost a hundred countries gathered for four days at the eighth Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia, to discuss a wide range of issues related to the future of the Internet--from online privacy to management of domain names to NSA surveillance to human rights in cyberspace. Much of the discussion in Bali revolved around a proposal by ICANN and the Brazilian government to hold a high-level conference on Internet issues in Brazil in late April or early May. At this event more than a dozen IGF participants shared their observations and experiences and participated in a public forum. It was webcast live via the Internet Society Chapters Channel.

Michael Nelson - Principal Technology Policy Strategist, Microsoft

Discussion Leaders:
David A. Gross - Partner, Wiley Grein LLP
Gene Kimmelman - Director, Internet Freedom and Human Rights Project, New America Foundation

Webcast production: David Vyorst

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