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  1. I believe in Philadelphia I often tell
  2. people my attachment to Philly is
  3. visceral. When I'm downtown or a South
  4. Philly restaurant, I feel remarkably
  5. connected. "Should I compare thee to a
  6. summers day? Thou art more lovely and
  7. more temperate.
  8. "Open air is a large scale interactive
  9. installation, where very powerful
  10. spotlights are actually controlled by
  11. the voices of participants. Most of the
  12. time when you see a show, a light show in
  13. the sky, it's actually following a score
  14. of music so the lights are moving to the
  15. beat. Instead here in Philadelphia, what
  16. we're doing, is if those lights move it's
  17. because they were reacting to the voice
  18. of someone who has sent a message either
  19. through a special iPhone app or through
  20. a webpage. That message arrives into our
  21. servers, we analyze it for volume for
  22. intonation for frequency, and then when
  23. it gets played back in the Parkway the
  24. lights react to those parameters. So in
  25. position and and in intensity." (music)
  26. "The project is in a way it's kind of
  27. like a rant line or maybe like a
  28. voicemail system, where you send messages
  29. but instead of sending them directly to
  30. somebody, first they go into the night
  31. sky. People can listen to those messages
  32. through the phone or through speakers
  33. that are any consolable in Logan Square.
  34. So the idea is, create a platform for
  35. communication, but that is visualized and
  36. that takes over the entire park. "Baby, it looks like you never felt sky before, well let
  37. all rhythm read the fine morning before
  38. you go blowing out those stars of
  39. tomorrow and I'm Ray by the way. Then
  40. yeah". "When your message appears in the
  41. night sky, the system notifies you it's
  42. like.. 'hey it's your turn here comes your
  43. message' and all the lights actually find
  44. you with GPS tracking and all the lights
  45. are oriented toward you. So in a way you
  46. become part of the show, you're part of
  47. in the limelight so to speak but it's
  48. also a little bit awkward or violent
  49. because you feel like all of these
  50. lights are actually tracking you over
  51. the park where you can't get away from
  52. them, so it's a project that has a a
  53. sense of seduction and participation but
  54. then also a sense of tracking and of
  55. policing and just making people aware
  56. that these technologies have very
  57. accurate information about where we are
  58. and who we are.
  59. What I'm interested in is in
  60. self-representation, the idea that it is
  61. the people who make the decisions about
  62. what the contents will be. What you're
  63. actually seeing is what people have said
  64. and you too can be part of that dialogue