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  1. "What Father among you
  2. if his son asks for a fish
  3. will instead of a fish
  4. give him a serpent?
  5. Or if he asks for an egg
  6. will give him a scorpion?
  7. If you then who are evil
  8. know how to give good gifts
  9. to your children,
  10. how much more will your heavenly Father
  11. give the Holy Spirit to
    those who ask Him?"
  12. Now, brethren, I would
    just challenge you here.
  13. How much more will your heavenly Father
  14. give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him?
  15. One thing I want you to see right off
  16. and absolutely clearly
  17. and make no mistake about:
  18. These are saved men
  19. asking Jesus to teach them to pray.
  20. These are not lost men asking Jesus
  21. how to be saved.
  22. Now that's important
  23. because the way to be saved
  24. is not to ask God for the Holy Spirit.
  25. You understand that, right?
  26. Because there can be
    a misunderstanding here.
  27. People can look at this and they can say,
  28. well, if they're asking
    for the Holy Spirit,
  29. maybe that means that they
    don't have the Holy Spirit
  30. and people that don't have the Holy Spirit
  31. are lost people,
  32. and so you go the Father and
    you ask Him for the Spirit,
  33. and basically, if, you know,
  34. Paul says this in Roman 8,
  35. if you don't have the Spirit,
  36. you don't belong to Jesus Christ.
  37. Right? So maybe it's people
  38. who don't have the Spirit,
  39. who don't belong to Jesus Christ
  40. coming to the Father to get the Spirit
  41. so that they can get saved.
  42. I don't know if any of you
    have ever thought that,
  43. but that is obviously not what that means.
  44. What you have is you have the idea
  45. of a child going to his father,
  46. which is very consistent
    with the disciples
  47. asking Jesus to show them how to pray
  48. to their Father.
  49. And that's how Jesus started, right?
  50. Pray this way: "Father..."
  51. "Our Father..."
  52. So, what does that mean?
  53. Obviously every single Christian
  54. has the Holy Spirit,
  55. so if we already have the Spirit,
  56. and if the Spirit once
    takes up residency -
  57. by the way,
  58. one of the promises connected
  59. with the New Covenant
  60. is that God's going to
    give His Spirit to us.
  61. He's going to put His Spirit within us.
  62. And if we don't have that Spirit,
  63. what is it? About Romans 8:9 I think?
  64. If we don't have the Spirit,
    we don't belong to Christ.
  65. And obviously, we don't go
  66. having the Spirit, losing the Spirit,
    having the Spirit, losing the Spirit.
  67. Once that Spirit is given,
  68. He is with us always.
  69. Forever.
  70. Jesus said that.
  71. Jesus said that this Comforter was coming,
  72. and He would be with them forever.
  73. And so what do we make of that?
  74. Why are we praying for the Holy Spirit
  75. if we already have the Holy Spirit?
  76. Well, it's interesting,
  77. if we look at the parallel passage
  78. over in Matthew 7,
  79. it doesn't say "Holy Spirit" there,
  80. it says "good things."
  81. It almost seems to me like
  82. what Luke does is He reaches
  83. in the bag of good things
  84. and He brings out the best thing.
  85. And why would I say the best thing?
  86. Because Jesus, back there
  87. in that area where John started -
  88. the John 14, 15, 16 realm
  89. where Christ is leaving His disciples -
  90. do you know why He was telling them
  91. that He was leaving them peace
  92. and that they ought not to be afraid?
  93. Because He was telling
    them at the same time
  94. that He was going away.
  95. He was going to be taken away,
  96. but He said this to them:
  97. Look, it is more profitable for you
  98. that I go and the Holy Spirit come.
  99. There is something
  100. about having the Holy Spirit
  101. that is more profitable for the church
  102. than if Christ remained here bodily,
  103. earthly Himself.
  104. And Jesus realized it.
  105. The Holy Spirit was going to unleash
  106. such power into the church.
  107. You think about just what happened
  108. in the life of Peter.
  109. Here's Peter walking with Christ
  110. bodily on the earth,
  111. and look what he was like,
  112. versus when Christ leaves,
    the Spirit comes,
  113. now Peter's filled with the Spirit,
  114. where before he was denying Christ
  115. in front of little girls.
  116. Now he's standing boldly
    before the Sanhedrin
  117. and he's proclaiming Christ.
  118. And Christ Himself said
  119. Peter was going to go all the way
  120. to laying down his life for Christ.
  121. The Spirit of God
  122. endued the church of God
  123. with power from on high.
  124. And basically, I think the way
  125. we want to take Luke 11,
  126. how much more will our Father
  127. give the Holy Spirit to them that ask.
  128. It's the idea of the
    influences of the Spirit,
  129. and we all have to admit
  130. that even in that early church,
  131. they had the Spirit there.
  132. The Spirit came down on that church
  133. on the day of Pentecost.
  134. But some of those very same men
  135. upon whom that Spirit fell in that day,
  136. we find later accounts
  137. where filled with the Holy Spirit
  138. there was boldness,
  139. there was all sorts of things
    breaking out in the church.
  140. The power of God is not
    static in the church.
  141. You can't come to that
    conclusion by the book of Acts.
  142. You can't come to that
    conclusion historically.
  143. You can't come to that conclusion probably
  144. if you've been a Christian
    any length of time,
  145. you realize it in your own life.
  146. In the life of the church,
  147. we have ebbs and flows.
  148. Brethren, a pastor friend has said,
  149. brethren, if we have such
    promise in the Scriptures,
  150. every time we come to pray,
  151. we ought to be asking for the Holy Spirit.
  152. For what?
  153. What does the Holy Spirit
    bring to the church?
  154. It brought to that early church
  155. boldness and courage
  156. to proclaim the Gospel.
  157. The Holy Spirit brings the Word to mind.
  158. Remember? He said if they get imprisoned
  159. or they're brought before these leaders
  160. that don't worry ahead of time
  161. what you're going to say?
  162. Have you guys ever experienced that?
  163. You've been in a situation -
  164. maybe you haven't been in prison,
  165. but you've been in a situation
  166. where immediately you needed something
  167. and God gave it to you.
  168. Brethren, He brings the
    fruits of the Spirit.
  169. The chief one is love.
  170. You just can't get away from it.
  171. The New Testament is basically this:
  172. Christ gave a new commandment.
  173. That commandment is a commandment of love.
  174. That is the greatest test of Christianity.
  175. Love.
  176. And the Spirit is the one
    Who gives it to us.
  177. A love for Christ Himself.
  178. A love on the horizontal
    plane for one another.
  179. A love in the church.
  180. We heard about peace.
  181. He gives that peace.
  182. My peace I leave with you.
  183. Where does that peace come from?
  184. We find in Galatians 5 distinctly
  185. that peace comes from the Spirit of God.
  186. This Spirit is the one Who gives gifts
  187. to the church.
  188. Do we want gifts?
  189. Do we want laborers?
  190. Do we want men and women
  191. who have abilities to minister,
  192. to show mercy,
  193. to give, to teach, to serve?
  194. Absolutely!
  195. All that gamut of gifts.
  196. Even the supernatural element.
  197. Brethren, it's the Spirit of God
  198. that gives those things.
  199. The Spirit of God is that Spirit
  200. which we are warned against quenching.
  201. Quenching has the idea
  202. of throwing water on a fire.
  203. You throw water on a fire,
  204. it diminishes its heat.
  205. It diminishes its light.
  206. The Spirit is what infuses the church
  207. with light and heat.
  208. We need to pray for the Spirit.
  209. When the Spirit helps us,
  210. when the Spirit empowers us,
  211. it's only then, brethren,
  212. that we can advance
  213. and we can take ground.
  214. It's the Spirit of God
  215. that puts that fire in the
    hearts of men and women
  216. to go forth, to lay down their lives
  217. for the Gospel's sake,
  218. to sacrifice.
  219. It's the Holy Spirit that we need
  220. in order to have a powerful Gospel.
  221. It's the Holy Spirit
  222. that causes men to be born again.
  223. We want to see life in this church.
  224. We want to see growth.
  225. Don't we find also,
  226. what is it about 2 Thessalonians 2:13?
  227. 1 Thessalonians 2:13
  228. We find there, brethren,
  229. we are sanctified by the Holy Spirit.
  230. Sanctification. Any kind of growth.
  231. Don't we also find in 2 Corinthians 3:18,
  232. that by the Lord Who is the Spirit,
  233. that's how we behold the glory of Christ?
  234. And are transformed into His image
  235. from one degree of glory to another?
  236. Brethren, the Spirit of God
  237. is also an intercessor in our prayers.
  238. We find that in Romans 8.
  239. The Spirit is a Spirit of adoption.
  240. And He bears witness with our spirits
  241. that we're children of God.
  242. Beloved, do we want
    assurance in this church?
  243. I'll tell you what,
  244. it's when we have a hope of salvation,
  245. and a deep-founded assurance
  246. that you can lay your
    life down for Christ.
  247. People would go around
  248. doubting, wondering,
  249. not sure if they're in,
    sure if they're out,
  250. very difficult for people like that
  251. to really launch out and
    do anything for Christ.
  252. Brethren, we need the Spirit's power
  253. and His working in our midst.
  254. And what we have here is a promise.
  255. What we have here is disciples
  256. coming to Christ and saying,
  257. "Teach us to pray."
  258. And He wraps up this whole
    instruction on prayer
  259. with this: be persistent.
  260. Ask and seek and knock.
  261. And above every other thing
  262. that He talks to us about asking for,
  263. He says seek from your
    Father the Holy Spirit.
  264. I believe that when it says
    ask for the Holy Spirit,
  265. the idea is that we are to ask
  266. for His influences,
  267. for His fiery influences.
  268. Brethren, we don't want
    to quench that Spirit.
  269. We want to ask for it.
  270. Did that about use up that 20 minutes?
  271. Pretty close.
  272. I just leave you with this thought.
  273. "How much more will the heavenly Father
  274. give the Holy Spirit to
    those who ask Him?"
  275. Did you catch those last words?
  276. To those who ask Him.
  277. Brethren, you let your Calvinism
  278. take you in a direction
  279. where you logically start to conclude
  280. that your prayers don't matter -
  281. James says you have not
    because you do not ask.
  282. Brethren, if you've got
    a sort of Calvinism
  283. that doesn't believe that statement,
  284. then dump it.
  285. Prayer matters.
  286. God hears prayer.
  287. God gives the Holy Spirit
    to those who ask.
  288. Jesus does not say
  289. that if you don't ask, don't seek,
  290. don't knock, God is sovereign,
  291. God has His decrees,
  292. and He's going to do it anyways.
  293. He doesn't say that.
  294. He says He gives the Holy Spirit
  295. to them that ask.
  296. Brethren, God forbid we get to the end
  297. and we find we could have had more
  298. if we would have asked for it,
  299. but we just didn't ask.
  300. God help us to not get to that place.
  301. Amen.
  302. You're dismissed for the moment.