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  1. I'd like to have us turn in our Bibles
  2. to 2 Timothy.
  3. 2 Timothy 4.
  4. What we want to do in a few minutes
  5. is have the four of our elders
  6. who are present come up
  7. and we are going to lay hands
  8. on our brother Brandon.
  9. This is not something we have invented.
  10. Men were recognized
  11. by the laying on of
    hands in the Scriptures
  12. and that's what we want do.
  13. And after we do that,
  14. we want to baptize a couple of folks,
  15. and then we are going to recognize
  16. the church in Austin in a formal manner.
  17. In 2 Timothy 4,
  18. there is one of the strongest charges
  19. and I am not personally
    aware of a stronger charge
  20. in all of Scripture than this one.
  21. Maybe somebody can think of one,
  22. but I don't personally know of one.
  23. 2 Timothy 4:1,
  24. "I charge you in the presence of God
  25. and of Christ Jesus."
  26. Now, let's just stop right there.
  27. I am going to read this
  28. and this is no longer
  29. from Paul to Timothy.
  30. This is from Timothy to Brandon.
  31. But the charge stays the same
  32. because the grounds of
    this charge are the same.
  33. The God who was present then
    and Christ who was present then
  34. and the Christ who is going to
    come back and judge all men
  35. is here now!
  36. We stand is the presence of
    Him just like they did then.
  37. This charge stands now.
  38. This through this Gospel age
  39. is the charge of God's ministers.
  40. So this, is a God-inspired charge.
  41. I am going to speak it
    now and I'm speaking it,
  42. really to every man here
  43. should have ears to hear,
  44. who would take upon themselves
  45. to preach or teach
  46. in one of Christ's churches.
  47. But right now, this is very personal.
  48. This is aimed right at the
    heart of this guy right here.
  49. Brandon, "I charge you
    in the presence of God

  50. and of Christ Jesus
  51. who is to judge the living and the dead
  52. by His appearing and His Kingdom,
  53. preach the Word.
  54. Be ready in season and out of season.
  55. Reprove, rebuke, and exhort
  56. with complete patience in teaching.
  57. For the time is coming..."
    and I tell you this,
  58. it's not just coming, it's here.
  59. "The time is coming
  60. when people will not
    endure sound teaching,
  61. but having itching ears,
  62. they will accumulate for themselves
  63. teachers to suit their own passions
  64. and will turn away from
    listening to the truth
  65. and wander off into myths."
  66. Father, we cry out to You right now.

  67. Lord, I pray that You would help me now
  68. as I open up Your Word.
  69. Lord, we ask that God-given help
  70. would be a reality in this place.
  71. Oh Lord, we desire for
    this Grace Church Austin;
  72. we desire for their first officer -
  73. Lord, we want these things to be
  74. of Your making, of Your manufacture,
  75. of Your gifting; Lord, of Your blessing,
  76. built on the right foundations.
  77. That's what we desire.
  78. And we know this is one
    of those right foundations.
  79. Lord, would you please empower this,
  80. especially to the heart
    of our brother Brandon.
  81. I pray in Christ's name.
  82. Now, as I said before,

  83. I am not personally aware
  84. of a stronger charge
  85. in all of Scriptures than this one.
  86. "I charge you in the presence of God
  87. and of Christ Jesus..."
  88. Christ Jesus who is to judge
    the living and the dead.
  89. What do you think Paul's doing here?
  90. He's saying:
  91. Brandon, you are going to be there
  92. when the Christ who is here present now
  93. God the Father and God the Son,
  94. present here in our midst.
  95. You are going to be there, when
    Jesus Christ busts open the sky
  96. and comes and judges all of mankind.
  97. Your ministry is going to
    be laid bare on that day.
  98. That's the reality we're facing.
  99. I am not aware of a
    stronger charge in Scripture.
  100. And the thing is a
    charge of this magnitude
  101. is to be taken as especially binding
  102. and dangerous to break or ignore.
  103. Right? This is not some
    casual or trivial thing here.
  104. Brandon, you have an appointed time
  105. with Jesus Christ.
  106. He is going to come and
    judge the living and the dead.
  107. By "the living and the dead,"
    we are not talking about:
  108. Well, all of us here are living
  109. and the dead are over in the cemetery.
  110. When it says the living and
    the dead, it means spiritually.
  111. And that last day, when everybody
    comes up out of those graves,
  112. he's talking about those
    who are alive in Christ
  113. and those who are dead
    and their trespasses and sins.
  114. And the thing is, it's not like
  115. if we've taken refuge in Christ,
  116. that we are going to be
    spared from the judgment.
  117. We know that's not true.
  118. Did not Paul teach the Corinthians
  119. that we must all appear
  120. before the judgment seat of Christ?
  121. And oh, you know what James says:
  122. "Don't be many teachers."
  123. You know why?
  124. Because in that day,
  125. the judgment for teachers
  126. is going to be much stricter.
  127. And you know why.
  128. Because if anybody should
    know the truth, it's them.
  129. If anybody should know the
    standard of righteousness
  130. it's those who have spent most time
  131. looking at the righteous standards.
  132. It's those people
  133. that God's Son shed his blood for
  134. are being entrusted to him
  135. as a shepherd.
  136. This is serious stuff.
  137. (Incomplete thought)
  138. Brethren, friends, God is here.
  139. Jesus Christ is here.
    We stand in His Presence.
  140. And you know what?
  141. Because we don't see Him like
    we will on Judgment Day,
  142. what's the tendency?
  143. What is the temptation?
  144. It is to take it lightly.
  145. It is not to take it seriously
    as we ought to take it. Why?
  146. Because you can't see Him.
  147. I guarantee, if you could
    see what Isaiah saw,
  148. you would take it seriously.
  149. Even if you saw some of
    the things the apostles saw -
  150. you remember, they
    were terrified at times,
  151. they fell on their faces at times.
  152. If you could see some
    of the things they saw,
  153. like Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration
  154. or Jesus when with a word He calms storms.
  155. They said "Whoa!
    What kind of man is this?"
  156. They saw things we don't see.
  157. There's a veil here.
  158. And so we see each other.
    You're looking at me.
  159. You see this wall behind me.
  160. Oh, we don't see Him as He is.
  161. It's all veiled.
  162. So, what's the tendency?

  163. You know what the tendency is.
  164. Just look around us.
  165. Look at the men and women
    that take the pulpit,
  166. and the things that they teach,
  167. and the things that they say,
  168. and the greed that drives
    so much of what is said,
  169. and how little they preach the Word.
  170. They preach their own opinions,
  171. they preach this, they
    preach another thing.
  172. Why? Why are they so casual?
  173. Unbelief!
  174. They don't really believe what's coming!
  175. And what's happening is,
    Paul is appealing to Timothy.
  176. God the Father is present
  177. and Jesus Christ is present.
  178. And let me just remind you
    that Jesus Christ who is present,
  179. the very Son of God Himself,
  180. He is going to come one day
  181. in His Kingdom and in glory
  182. and He is going to judge
    the living and the dead
  183. and that includes you Timothy
    and that includes you Brandon.
  184. He s coming.
  185. And so, you are charged
  186. in the presence of this God the Father
  187. and God the Son.
  188. They're present.
  189. They're witness to the responsibility
  190. that is being entrusted.
  191. In many ways, it has
    already been entrusted.
  192. But we are going to lay hands
    on him in a formal way.
  193. We are going to recognize this today.
  194. But God the Father, God the Son...
  195. Paul doesn't just assure us

  196. that God and Christ are present,
  197. but that ultimately,
  198. there is an accounting
  199. when Christ ushers in this Kingdom.
  200. How is Judgment Day such a powerful,
  201. persuasive way to be
    diligent, to be faithful,
  202. unless his point in all of this is:
  203. You are going to be there.
  204. You are going to give an account.
  205. Isn't it interesting that when Paul talks
  206. about the fact that we all have to stand
  207. before the judgment seat of Christ,
  208. he then says, "knowing therefore..."
  209. "knowing therefore
    the terror of the Lord."
  210. Even when you have a
    righteous man like Isaiah
  211. when he came into the
    presence of the Lord
  212. he was on his face.
  213. Righteous men trembled
    in the sight of this God.
  214. It is a fearful thing.
  215. And to come and know
  216. that all your works -
  217. all of us - we are going to have that.
  218. Our works are going to be examined.
  219. Jesus said even every careless word.
  220. I'll tell you, you want
    refuge in that day.
  221. You want refuge from the wrath of God.
  222. Look, ultimately, there
    is not a perfect pastor.
  223. There is not a perfect under-shepherd.
  224. And oh, how we glory in the
    blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  225. But we still have to give an account.
  226. You know from the 1 Corinthian letter,
  227. people, even those who are the living,
  228. even those who were faithful.
  229. You know, there's a lot
    of people who presumed
  230. to take the pulpit that
    God has not called.
  231. But even the ones that God has called -
  232. even them - they've blundered.
  233. We see in the 1 Corinthian letter
  234. that stuff gets burned up.
  235. There's wood, hay, and stubble.
  236. Let's preach the Word. That's the gold.
  237. That's the jewel. That's what's good.
  238. That's the foundation that we want to lay.
  239. The weight of this whole
    charge lies in this very fact:

  240. that the day is coming
  241. when you have to give a full account.
  242. Full account.
  243. He is going to look at everything.
  244. He is going to look at the way you dealt
  245. with every single one of those sheep.
  246. He is going to look at every
    one of your messages.
  247. He is going to look at how
    you interpreted Scripture.
  248. He is going to look at
    the example you were;
  249. how you led the people to trust Him
  250. or to not trust Him;
  251. how you demonstrated
    unbelief before them;
  252. how you demonstrated
    purity before them.
  253. Being an example is something
  254. you're going to be examined for.
  255. You are going to be tested.
  256. It is going to be tested by the fire.
  257. This is the day that's coming.
  258. This is serious.
  259. And you know what?

  260. Because this is a reality,
  261. the weightiness of this reality -
  262. you know what it should do?
  263. It should deliver this guy right here
  264. from the fear of man.
  265. That's one thing it should do.
  266. You know what happens?
  267. I can remember different
    places where I've preached.
  268. I remember preaching at
    my step-father's funeral.
  269. Not a lot of saved people there.
  270. I remember their looks on their faces.
  271. I remember preaching my
    next step-father's funeral
  272. at an Episcopalian church.
  273. Not a lot of friendly faces.
  274. You know what the weight
    of this charge does for you?
  275. The weightiness of this causes you
  276. to not be affected by
    the faces of the people;
  277. not to be affected by their smiles,
  278. or by their frowns.
  279. Brother, you're called to preach the Word.
  280. No matter what men think,
  281. you are called to preach the Word.
  282. No matter whether they approve of it
  283. or disapprove of it.
  284. Because what we find is there is in season
  285. and there is out of season.
  286. You know what?
  287. In the middle of June, July, August,
  288. in Texas,
  289. you don't go around wearing
    your heaviest winter coat.
  290. That's out of season.
  291. People will say: "That's inappropriate!"
  292. And they're going to
    say that about doctrine.
  293. That's what we are hearing here.
  294. They are going to look at you and say:
    "Brother, that's not appropriate!"
  295. "Yeah! But it's in God's Word."
    "Yeah! But it's not appropriate."
  296. You preach God's Word.
  297. The weightiness of this
    reality should cause you
  298. to keep going when it gets tough.
  299. Brother, it's going to get more tough.

  300. You think it's tough now, I know.
  301. And it is. Legitimately, it is.
  302. But the toughness that you
    have experienced now
  303. is only preparing you for
    greater toughness tomorrow.
  304. And it's going to get tough.
  305. (incomplete thought)
  306. Brethren, there's no question about it.
  307. Engineering was a lot easier.
  308. The reason on a lot of days I keep going
  309. is because I know God
    has called me to this.
  310. And I need to be faithful.
  311. The weightiness of this
    charge keeps you going,
  312. when it's not fun to be a pastor.
  313. What a cheap word that is anyways!
  314. Like it is meant to be that.
  315. You know what I mean.
  316. The days when you get up
    and everything's good.
  317. I think I have mentioned this before.
  318. But, not too long ago,
  319. I was having a discussion
    with our fifth elder
  320. who is out of town right
    now in the Middle East.
  321. I said to him, "John, I've
    just come to recognize
  322. that I'm not going to experience
  323. any more days in my life
  324. where there's not going
    to be any problems."
  325. I am not going to be
    where it's problem-free.
  326. I wake up every day
    and there is a problem.
  327. And most days, there are ten.
  328. Or a hundred.
  329. There are a lot of times
    I'm bearing problems
  330. that, oh, they're difficult.
  331. But what happens is you know this.
  332. You know that at the end of this thing
  333. there is a crown for
    you if you're faithful.
  334. You know at the end of this thing
  335. that you're going to
    have to give an account.
  336. And Jesus never promised
    that it'd be easy.
  337. Never!
  338. If any man is faithful to the souls
  339. of the people that he is pastoring;
  340. if any man is faithful to preach the Word,
  341. it's hard, it's laborious,
  342. it's going to take effort.
  343. That does mean there isn't
    great joy in the midst of it.
  344. But it's tough!
  345. And a charge like this is serious.
  346. And when you want to throw in the towel,
  347. a charge like this says:
  348. "You have got to answer to Christ."
  349. Keep going. Keep going.
  350. And the thing is, He says He'll
    never leave you or forsake you.
  351. It is not like on the toughest days
  352. His grace isn't sufficient.
  353. That's what He told one of His
    other servants along the way.
  354. The weightiness of this reality
    should cause you to strive

  355. to please Christ and not yourself.
  356. And there is a temptation there.
  357. That'll feel good to just whatever it is -
  358. not pray like you should,
    stay in bed longer,
  359. kick your feet up,
  360. watch more TV than you ought to.
  361. Whatever it is!
  362. Pleasing Christ rather
    than pleasing yourself.
  363. Brother, preach the Word!

  364. Preach the Word!
  365. A charge like this, it keeps you going.
  366. It keeps you preaching the truth.
  367. It keeps you preaching the truth
  368. when your wallet may be affected.
  369. When you stand up and you say:
  370. "Open your Bibles here.
    This is what God's Word says,"
  371. and you know that rich family over there.
  372. Let me tell you something.
  373. There are few rich that enter the Kingdom.
  374. And I find that many people with money
  375. cannot stand to stay
    too long around churches
  376. that are really diligent and
    passionate about the truth.
  377. And you do not want to preach
    to keep them in the church.
  378. You want to preach to be able to stand
    before Christ and give a good account.
  379. Even if they leave. Be faithful to Christ.
  380. Be faithful.
  381. Even if you know, if they leave,
  382. I don't know how I am going to get paid.
  383. So be it! Be faithful to Christ.
  384. Preach the Word.
  385. A charge like this -
  386. the weightiness of this reality
  387. that you're going to have to
    give an account for this -
  388. it should lead you
  389. to really focus in on the
    quality of your preaching
  390. and not the quantity of the
    people that you preach to.
  391. When you preach the truth,
  392. sometimes God will build a church
  393. and He'll add even sometimes thousands.
  394. Because we have the Internet today
  395. and everybody sees John MacArthur
  396. and John Piper,
  397. but you know that's the rare exception.
  398. You just be faithful.
  399. You know, John MacArthur said it.
  400. He said back in the
    beginning of his ministry,
  401. he said he made it his concern
  402. to focus on being faithful to that Word.
  403. He'd let God take care
    of expanding the ministry.
  404. The reality here is one of standing up
  405. and proclaiming God's Word
  406. even when it's out of season.
  407. We are coming into a day, folks,
  408. we're coming into a day
  409. when Christianity is not being tolerated.
  410. If you are watching what
    is going on in this world,
  411. if you are watching what is
    going on on our college campuses;
  412. if you are watching what
    is going on in this country...
  413. Do you know at Duke University,
  414. they are now going to allow
  415. Islamic prayers - no Christian -
  416. to be announced from the bell tower.
  417. No Christians can do that.
  418. Christian organizations are being
    thrown off the campuses.
  419. You probably heard about
  420. the chief fireman in Atlanta.
  421. The thing about this, is it's coming at us
  422. at a tremendous speed - the changes.
  423. You be faithful to preach the Word.
  424. You be faithful when it's out of season.
  425. We have some good preachers,
  426. good commentaries, good things to study,
  427. good things to help you to
    discover what the Word says.
  428. But ultimately, it is not going to be
  429. you preaching John MacArthur
  430. or concerned about what John Calvin says.
  431. In the end, you have to answer
  432. to what this book says.
  433. And those guys not only can be,
  434. they are wrong in some places.
  435. As good as they are,
  436. every good man as good
    as he is, is wrong somewhere.
  437. And so, if we make it our
    duty to follow a man,
  438. he is going to lead us wrong.
  439. And typically, the disciples of somebody
  440. tend to emphasize the
    errors of their teacher
  441. more than the teacher themselves.
  442. Be true to the Word. Be true to Christ.
  443. Know your Bible, in season, out of season.
  444. Preach that.
  445. He calls you to preach the Word.

  446. You need to know a book,
  447. if you are going to preach.
  448. You need to be a student.
  449. And the church that is going to be
  450. meeting there and behind this man,
  451. you give him ample time,
  452. you give him ample sustenance,
  453. so that he can be free
  454. to do what those early church leaders did.
  455. Not to be serving tables,
  456. but to be giving himself
    to the Word and to prayer.
  457. That's what he needs to give himself to.
  458. He needs to be faithful
    to preach this Word.
  459. Brother, preach the
    terrible holiness of God.
  460. In our land today,
    we have got preachers
  461. that want to water down
    the doctrine of God.
  462. They want this little god.
  463. Non-threatening,
  464. one that doesn't scare us.
  465. You tell them about the God
    that throws men into hell.
  466. You tell them about the God
  467. who did so love the world.
  468. Oh, what glorious love!
  469. But I'll tell you this,
    we've got a world around us
  470. that thinks that they can
    go on in rebellion to Jesus Christ
  471. and somehow they're going
    to be recipients of that love.
  472. That is not true.
  473. Christ is the way,
    the truth, and the life.
  474. And you will not be finding
  475. any access to the Father
    except through Him
  476. through surrender to Him,
  477. faith in Him, clinging to Him.
  478. He has to be your all,
    He has to be your trust.
  479. He has to be your hope.
  480. And if you will not surrender,
  481. you tell them about the Christ who says:
  482. "Bring those enemies before Me,
  483. who would not submit and bow the knee
  484. and slaughter them before Me."
  485. You say: "What? What?"
    Yeah, that's in the Bible.
  486. You show them pictures of Isaiah
  487. quivering before this God;
  488. Habakkuk shaken to the bones;
  489. Job repenting in dust and ashes.
  490. We need a great God.
  491. We need a God that men fear.
  492. Preach that God to them - a big God.
  493. Mighty!
  494. Mighty to create and mighty to save.
  495. Mighty to bind the strong man
  496. and cast him down and pluck from him.
  497. Mighty!
  498. Salvation is of the Lord,
  499. and He is mighty to save.
  500. Preach that God!
  501. Mighty to conquer the power of sin
  502. in a sinner's life and break its dominion.
  503. Mighty!
  504. To put down - with one
    little word He fells him.
  505. He can say to the demons:
    "Go!" and they are gone.
  506. Preach that God!
  507. Preach that God that with a word
  508. can call galaxies into existence.
  509. Preach that God who can go face to face
  510. with the greatest army on
    the face of this earth in Egypt
  511. and just lay them waste.
  512. Preach that God.
  513. Preach that God who even
    when His people Israel
  514. will go on in their sin
    and rebel against Him,
  515. who are not allowed to enter His rest.
  516. God doesn't toy. He doesn't play.
  517. We want to preach that God.
    You preach that God.
  518. That is the God found in Scripture.
  519. Yes, He loved and He so loved.

  520. You want to preach that He was willing
  521. to send His Son to this world
  522. and make the greatest sacrifice.
  523. You want to show them
    the heart of this great God.
  524. That He was willing to crush
    His own Son on that cross
  525. in order to expend His wrath
  526. so that sinners might
    be justified in His courtroom
  527. and found absolutely innocent.
  528. Oh brother, is that not
    going to be your hope
  529. when you size up your own ministry,
  530. that on that day -
  531. What faithful preacher, pastor, shepherd -
  532. every one of us -
  533. I think our tendency will
    be to go before Him,
  534. and it's just: my only hope is
    the blood of Jesus Christ.
  535. And then to hear:
    "Well done! Good and faithful servant!"
  536. Can you imagine? Those disciples.

  537. Here is Jesus praying in John 17.
  538. "They have kept your Word."
  539. Can you imagine? All their heads turned.
  540. They looked at each other. "We have?"
  541. That's the glory!
  542. The blood of Jesus Christ
  543. cleanses away all the dirt,
  544. all the contamination.
  545. Brother, I'll tell you one
    thing you need to preach.

  546. If you are going to preach this Word,
  547. be faithful.
  548. Be faithful.
  549. Preach that God does not promise
  550. health and wealth and prosperity.
  551. Not if you're reading your Bible right.
  552. The God I read about in this Bible
  553. promises much tribulation.
  554. He promises that even some
    of us will be put to death.
  555. He promises that if you are determined
  556. to live godly,
  557. you will be persecuted.
  558. He teaches that in fact
    those who do get wealthy,
  559. not many of them make it,
  560. because they depend on their money
  561. and you cannot serve God and money.
  562. He does not promise you health.
  563. You know what He promises?
  564. He promises it's appointed
    to every one of us to die.
  565. And He's promised that if
    you are truly going to be
  566. a fellow heir with Jesus Christ,
  567. then you are going to
    suffer like Christ suffered.
  568. That's what we need
    to tell men and women.
  569. You know what Jesus said? Count the cost!
  570. Tell men to count the cost.
    You preach this.
  571. Count the cost.
  572. You come to Christ.
  573. He expects total allegiance.
  574. You preach to them:
    hate mother and father.
  575. Really? Yeah, Luke 14 says that.
  576. I recognize what our Lord's doing there.
  577. But we need to be honest.
  578. We need to be faithful to men's souls.
  579. There is too much cheap
    Christianity around today.
  580. You can chase your wealth
  581. and you can chase your health
  582. and you can just love
    these things in the world,
  583. but because you said this little prayer
  584. be sure at the end, it is
    going to be okay with you.
  585. That is not the Christianity
    taught in this Bible.
  586. You need to teach men that.
  587. Is it by faith in Jesus Christ?
    You better believe it is.
  588. But if you tell me:
    I believe Jesus Christ is the Savior.
  589. I believe Jesus Christ is the Lord.
  590. I believe Jesus Christ teaches truth.
  591. And then you don't live
    according to that truth,
  592. what are you telling me?
  593. You are telling me
    you don't believe in Him.
  594. You don't believe Him.
  595. Unless you are willing to
    forsake all that you have,
  596. He says, "you can't be My disciple."
  597. Why?
  598. Because He allows of no contenders.
  599. He is jealous for your love.
  600. And if you believe in Him,
    if you really believe in Him
  601. and see Him for what He is,
  602. you will not want to give your love
  603. to something else more than to Him.
  604. And for you to go on loving
    all the sins of this world
  605. and all the sins that
    men like to relish in
  606. and satisfy their own lusts with,
  607. and you are going to tell me
    you're just going to run in all that
  608. but in the end it is going
    to turn out okay with you?
  609. That's not what the Bible says!
  610. The Bible says: "Don't be deceived!"
  611. (incomplete thought)
  612. You need to teach that.
    You need to be faithful to that.
  613. When you've got people in the
    church that are toying with sin,
  614. we need to be honest with them.
  615. Preach the all-out commitment
  616. of being a follower of Jesus Christ.
  617. You need to be faithful to that.
  618. Brother, preach against sin.

  619. Especially those that are fashionable
  620. and "politically correct."
  621. You preach against racism. It is wrong.
  622. That's wicked. That's sin.
  623. We're called to love our neighbor.
  624. Brother, you preach against abortion.
  625. It's murder. Those are children.
  626. 3,500 a day in the United States
  627. are being butchered.
  628. It's murder. Those mothers are murderers.
  629. And those doctors are murderers
    and you preach that.
  630. Brother, you preach
    homosexuality is an abomination.
  631. Now, it's in a group of other sins.
  632. It is not like we are going
    to let the fornicators
  633. and those have casual sex all the time go.
  634. Don't let any of them be deceived.
  635. But this homosexual agenda
    and this transgender agenda,
  636. it's going to press in
    on us more and more.
  637. You preach against it.
    You preach the truth.
  638. Even when the day comes where
    we might have to go to jail for it.
  639. You preach the truth.
  640. The days are coming.

  641. The days are coming.
    It is going to be financial first.
  642. They are going to take
    away the tax benefits.
  643. They are going to take away our ability
  644. to be freed up from property taxes.
  645. They're going to take
    us off the Internet.
  646. Those will be the first steps.
  647. We are going to see them.
  648. This is going to start happening
    in the next several years,
  649. if it is not already happening.
  650. But you preach the truth,
  651. no matter the financial
    ramifications of preaching it.
  652. Brother, preach against
    the fashionable sins.

  653. You preach against divorce.
  654. It's rampant.
  655. Just because the world out
    there counts it normal,
  656. you preach against it.
  657. God hates it!
  658. God does not approve of it.
  659. We are specifically told
  660. that we're not to be separating
    what God has joined together.
  661. You preach against that. It's wrong.
  662. And if we've got people in the church
  663. that are being casual about that,
  664. you discipline those folks.
  665. You preach to the church
  666. about the proper place
    of church discipline.
  667. And I am dealing with
    the hard things here.
  668. These are the things that are hard.
  669. Obviously, we need to take them
    to the cross over and over.
  670. We need to show them the love of God.
  671. Absolutely we do.
  672. We need to show them a salvation
  673. that hinges on the merits of Jesus Christ.
  674. Absolutely! We need to take them
    there again and again and again.
  675. But you preach against these things
  676. that are being allowed in our society.
  677. Preach against this egalitarianism.

  678. Brother, you preach that women
  679. are to submit to their husbands.
  680. You preach that women
    are not supposed to take
  681. leadership and preaching places
  682. in the church of Jesus Christ -
  683. preaching and teaching and leading men.
  684. It's wrong!
  685. This very apostle to this very
    man Timothy says such things.
  686. You preach that!
  687. You preach that men should be men.
  688. Oh, we've got men who are
    unwilling to take responsibility
  689. and love their wives
    and love their children
  690. and play the man; to be responsible.
  691. We have got a generation of
    women trying to take charge
  692. and men that are just
    willing to let it happen.
  693. Brother, deal with that!
  694. I tell you! You preach the Word.

  695. And if you preach the Word, you
    know what you're going to do?
  696. You are going to often remind
    men they're going to die.
  697. They don't want to hear that.
  698. But you remind men all the time.
  699. Your life is short. It is a vapor.
  700. And it's gone!
  701. You remind men of that.
    That's what Scriptures says.
  702. It's appointed to men once to die.
  703. It says life is a vapor. It says that.
  704. You remind men of that.
  705. You don't have long and you
    don't know if you have tomorrow.
  706. Live while it is day.
  707. The night is coming and that night comes -
  708. that night probably comes upon
    everybody before they think it is coming.
  709. Brother, preach hell.

  710. It's no fiction.
  711. That's no myth.
  712. Hell is real.
  713. And hell is eternal.
  714. You know what we find in Scripture?
  715. You preach this too.
  716. Few there be that find eternal life.
  717. That means most that are on the broad way.
  718. It ends in a bad way.
  719. It is a way of destruction.
  720. The truth is most people in San Antonio
  721. are not going to be in Heaven
  722. in a hundred years from now.
  723. The truth is that most of them
    are going to be damned.
  724. You preach that. Be faithful.
  725. Be faithful. Preach holiness.
  726. Oh, we need holiness in our churches,
  727. without which no one will see the Lord.
  728. You preach that. You preach holiness.
  729. You preach uprightness.
  730. You preach, point people
    to the perfect example
  731. of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  732. And that just brings me to this.
  733. Brother, if you are going
    to preach the Word,

  734. what is the thing he needs to preach most?
  735. What is the thing he needs to consider?
  736. He needs to be involved with most,
  737. he needs to give himself to most,
  738. he needs to have implanted
    on his mind most,
  739. he needs to preach Christ.
    Brother, you need to preach Christ.
  740. You have to preach Christ as the example.
  741. You have to preach Christ crucified.
  742. You need to take them, show
    them Christ in every aspect,
  743. in all of His character
    and all of His attributes.
  744. You need to take people to Christ.
  745. You need to show Him working
    out the salvation for sinners.
  746. Show them the cross.
  747. Oh, how that cross,
    the offense of the cross,
  748. what does it proclaim?
  749. It proclaims I am that bad
  750. that I needed God Himself
    to come to this earth
  751. and become man and bear the wrath of God.
  752. My sin is that bad.
  753. You preach that. Preach that Cross.
  754. Bring the brethren to the Cross.
  755. Every time, every time,
  756. we've got to be coming back to the cross.
  757. Brother, you got to be faithful there.
  758. If you are going to preach the Word,
  759. Jesus said:
    "Those Scriptures speak of Me."
  760. And when He was on that road to Emmaus,
  761. He was able to bring
    these guys in and say,
  762. "Hey guys, all the way from the beginning,
  763. all the way through that Old Testament,
  764. I'm there."
  765. He is obvious in the New Testament,
  766. but He is saying in all
    those types and shadows,
  767. all that's back there,
    it all points to Me.
  768. We've got to preach Christ.
  769. You preach Him in all of His glory.
  770. You preach Him as fully man.
  771. Every whit man;
  772. every respect, save sin.
  773. He was fully, and is fully,
  774. and will be fully forever and ever,
  775. He will be fully man.
  776. Glorified though He may be,
    and He is fully God.
  777. Oh, we've got so much of this
  778. non-Trinitarian garbage today.
  779. Jesus Christ is not the Father.
    Preach that!
  780. Jesus came from the Father.
  781. Jesus returned to the Father.
  782. Jesus prayed to the Father.
  783. Jesus could say as the servant He was
  784. while He was here,
  785. My Father is greater than I.
  786. He could also say and claim
  787. to be equal with the Father.
  788. And Scripture declares Him to be God.
  789. Preach Him that way.
  790. Preach Him the Mighty God
    that you find in Isaiah 9.
  791. Preach that.
  792. Altogether glorious. Altogether lovely,
  793. the Song of Solomon says.
  794. Preach that.
  795. And altogether lovely -
    show His loveliness.
  796. He is God.
  797. He is God and when He set Himself forth
  798. as the Son of God,
  799. even His enemies recognize
  800. He was making Himself equal to God.
  801. And He says through the apostle,
  802. he says that equality,
  803. He did not grasp hold of
  804. to prevent Him from coming down here,
  805. humbling Himself,
  806. becoming obedient to the Father
  807. as a man, as a servant -
  808. obedient all the way to the Cross.
  809. And I'll tell you, you preach,

  810. there's a day coming
  811. that He is going to have
    every single individual
  812. on the face of this earth bend that knee,
  813. and every tongue is going to confess
  814. that He is Lord to
    the glory of the Father.
  815. You preach every kingdom of this world
  816. is becoming the kingdom of our God
  817. and of His Christ.
  818. And He will reign forever and ever.
  819. You preach that!
  820. You preach Christ is putting
    all of these enemies down.
  821. They are all being made
    a footstool for His feet.
  822. And when that enemy is conquered - death -
  823. He is going to turn this whole
    thing over to the Father,
  824. and it's all going to be
    beautiful and perfect.
  825. And out into eternity,
    we're all going to go with Him
  826. that have trusted Him;
  827. that are one with Him.
  828. You preach His humility.

  829. Meek - He said, "Learn of Me."
  830. Show them, oh, that is the example.
  831. Is that not the pattern
    of the New Testament?
  832. It isn't dragging us to the
    Ten Commandments over and over.
  833. It is saying, "Behold Christ."
  834. When you want an example of sacrifice:
  835. "He who was rich became poor."
  836. When you want an example of humility:
  837. "Let this mind be in you
  838. which was also in Christ Jesus."
  839. When you want examples of comfort:
  840. "Comfort one another even as Christ..."
  841. He's the example.
    He washes feet.
  842. He says, "I've given you an example."
  843. He says to these folks, "Learn of Me,
  844. for I am meek and lowly in spirit,
  845. and I will give rest to your souls."
  846. Brother, preach Christ.
    Preach Him all the time.
  847. Every single message.
  848. It doesn't matter what
    you're preaching on,
  849. it's got to come back to the cross.
  850. It's got to come to Christ.
  851. You've got to bring Christ out.
  852. People have to be seeing Christ.
  853. Because remember this:
  854. from one degree of glory
    they are being transformed
  855. into that image.
  856. But it's as they behold
    the glory of the Lord.
  857. The Spirit of God does it.
  858. It's not in your hands
    to transform the people.
  859. But if they're not beholding
    the glory of Christ -
  860. so says 2 Corinthians 3:18 -
  861. if you're not beholding
    the glory of Christ,
  862. you're not being transformed
  863. into His likeness by the Spirit.
  864. The Spirit does it, but the Spirit
    is going to do it in a way
  865. where the eyes of the
    people in your church
  866. are beholding Jesus Christ.
  867. Preach the Word and if you preach the Word
  868. you're going to preach the living Word,
  869. the incarnate Word.
  870. Because He makes up this book.
  871. Be faithful.
  872. Brother, whatever you're preaching about;
  873. you preach a message on church discipline,
  874. or you preach a
    message on marital fidelity,
  875. or you preach a message
    on spanking children,
  876. or you preach a message
    on our duty to government -
  877. all of it should come back to Christ.
  878. You ought to be able to
    pull Christ out in all of that.
  879. Preach Christ.
  880. Oh, we live in this ecumenical time.

  881. Preach Christ as the only way.
  882. You know what Jesus said?
  883. He said that, "if you dishonor Me,
    you dishonor the Father."
  884. He said that.
  885. Jesus Christ said that if you don't
  886. honor the Son,
  887. you do not honor the Father.
  888. In this ecumenical age, you preach that.
  889. You preach:

  890. Catholicism is a damnable doctrine.
  891. You preach that.
  892. They diminish the glory of Christ.
  893. They exalt Mary.
  894. You preach: if somebody is
    adhering to Islamic doctrine,
  895. they are damned. They are undone.
  896. They are hell-bound.
  897. Why? You cannot have the
    Father if you deny the Son.
  898. They deny the Son.
  899. Look, the Jesus they talk about,
  900. you preach the Word,
  901. and if you preach the Word, you can say,
  902. does that Christ that
    I just preached to you
  903. from the Word
  904. sound like your Islamic Jesus?
  905. And they're going to
    have to say, no, it doesn't.
  906. Our Islamic Jesus is not God.
  907. Our Islamic Jesus did not die on a cross.
  908. Our Islamic Jesus did
    not make propitiation
  909. for the sins of God's people.
  910. Yep, case closed.
  911. I'm preaching the Word.
  912. Your "Christ" is a different
    person than our Christ.
  913. And, what Jesus Himself said
  914. is if you deny Him, you deny the Father.
  915. You preach that.
  916. This ecumenical age -
  917. this is not all about holding hands
  918. with everybody out there
  919. just because they claim to be a Christian.
  920. We can't hold hands with Mormons.
  921. We can't hold hands
    with most charismatics.
  922. We can't hold hands with Catholics.
  923. We can't hold hands
    with Jehovah's Witnesses.
  924. We can't hold hands with Muslims.
  925. Why?
  926. Because if he's going to preach this Word,
  927. they don't hold to this Word.
  928. And you've got an
    accountability in the end.
  929. You've got an
    accountability to Jesus Christ.
  930. You need to be faithful.
  931. Brother, preach the Word.

  932. Preach the Gospel.
  933. Bring people face to face
  934. with Jesus Christ satisfying
  935. every requirement that the Father has.
  936. The Law demanded our perfection
  937. and Jesus perfectly,
    oh, with such beauty...
  938. The Father - can you imagine it
  939. on that Mount of Transfiguration?
  940. I mean, what was welling
    up in the Father?
  941. "This is My Son, in
    whom I'm well pleased.
  942. Hear Him."
  943. Just the Father admiring...
  944. Do you recognize?
  945. It's just the Father
  946. in all of His comprehension of the Son.
  947. Every, I mean, every aspect of His life,
  948. and the Father can look at that and say,
  949. "Perfect."
  950. That is the righteousness
    that He has earned.
  951. Obedience taken, even when
  952. He stared that cross in the face.
  953. As Scripture says,
  954. "He learned obedience
    through what He suffered."
  955. Never incomplete.
  956. Never imperfect.
  957. But always being tested
  958. to greater degrees of suffering
  959. until even the cross -
  960. and not just what man
    could inflict on that cross -
  961. but Scripture says His
    soul was poured out.
  962. The Father crushed Him.
  963. Oh, preach that.
  964. Preach that as man's only hope.
  965. Men are so determined.
  966. You can preach to them: "Not by works."
  967. Not by works which we have done.
  968. Not by works of the law.
  969. Oh yeah, yeah, we know that.
    We know that. We know that.
  970. They don't know it.
  971. They don't know it.
  972. Because as soon as you say it,
  973. they're trying to make faith happen.
  974. They're trying to construct
    their own repentance.
  975. Men are always trying to do.
  976. You preach to bring men
    to the end of themselves
  977. where they have no hope but Christ.
  978. Christ our only hope.
  979. Christ. Christ. Christ.
  980. Preach the Word, brother.

  981. Your ministry is starting
  982. and yet it's going to be over
  983. like that.
  984. Why? Because life is a vapor.
  985. We only get one shot.
  986. The thing is we can't undo mistakes.
  987. Thankfully, we have a very kind
  988. and compassionate God.
  989. But His compassions and His kindness
  990. only flow to us through Jesus Christ.
  991. In Him, all these treasures are to be had.
  992. Only in Him.
  993. There is salvation in none other.
  994. In no one else.
  995. There is no other name
  996. given among men under heaven
  997. whereby we must be saved.
  998. There is one name.
  999. There is one hope.
  1000. We need to point men to that.
  1001. We need to be faithful.
  1002. You get one shot at this.
  1003. Do what the apostle says.
  1004. Build on the foundation
    which is Jesus Christ.
  1005. Build on that foundation.
  1006. And the building materials are the same.
  1007. It's got to be Christ.
  1008. Pointing people to Christ.
  1009. Beware of the wood, hay, and stubble.
  1010. That which is done in unbelief;
    that which is done pointing people
  1011. away from Christ.
  1012. That which just becomes
    an obsession with morality
  1013. or with some pet peeve doctrine.
  1014. Brother, bring people to Christ.
  1015. Don't get so hung up on
  1016. some of these doctrines
  1017. that you just lose yourself in them.
  1018. Obviously, there's a place,
  1019. especially for men who are
    going to be preaching the Word
  1020. to be studying the Word,
    to know the Word,
  1021. to know what they believe
    about all these different things,
  1022. but you've got to come back
    again and again and again
  1023. to this reality.
  1024. If you're going to preach the Word,
  1025. you're going to preach Christ.
  1026. Preach Christ all the time.
  1027. Preach the Word.
  1028. That means get to know in this book
  1029. the balance of things.
  1030. (Incomplete thought)
  1031. Preach in proportion to how things
  1032. are set forth in this Word.
  1033. Be faithful, brother.
  1034. Be faithful.