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  1. Congratulations, we're at the end of lesson four.
  2. [SOUND] Wow. That was a lot of stuff
  3. we covered. Well, lesson four is also the
  4. most content-heavy lesson in this course, so we're
  5. really happy to see you here. We covered
  6. data relationships, specifically the ancestor and that has
  7. a relationship. We also looked at queries, query
  8. by kind and then filtered by ancestor and
  9. then filtered by different properties. Datastore indexes,
  10. we took an in depth tour of datastore
  11. indexes, it allows you to do queries in datastore and we've wrapped it up with
  12. different consistency modelsa and transactions in datastore.
  13. In the next lesson, we will look at
  14. heavy duty stuff. You want to know what heavy duty is? Well, be here to join us.