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  1. The final project for
  2. this class is building a supervised classification algorithm that can tell,
  3. based on our Enron data set, who at Enron was a suspected person of
  4. interest in the fraud case that happened when the company went bankrupt.
  5. In this mini-project, you're actually going to build your first iteration of
  6. this person of interest identifier.
  7. So, the first thing will be building a, a sort of minimum viable product.
  8. We're not expecting it to be really great,
  9. we're not expecting it to be really optimized, but you'll have something up and
  10. running in the first part of this mini-project.
  11. In the second part of the mini-project,
  12. we're going to wrap this in a training testing framework.
  13. So that from this point forward, when you go in and you compute the accuracy of
  14. your person of interest identifier, you have it all set up properly so
  15. that it's, it's computing that accuracy on the test set like it should be.
  16. And then from this point forward, once you have this code set up, your job is
  17. just going to be then to fill in all the features that you want to use or
  18. do any transforms, things like that.
  19. So, let's get started on building that code framework.