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  1. Let's do one more, critical rendering path diagram, but this
  2. time I want you to create, the diagram for a real
  3. website. If you have your own site, I want you to
  4. analyze that, and, if you don't, you can analyze any site
  5. you want. But, be careful, lots of sites, especially the
  6. large ones, have long and complicated, critical rendering paths. I recommend
  7. analysing a simple or a static page. I have included a
  8. couple of links in the instructor notes for you to try.
  9. >> Cool. And let me guess, you want us to post our diagrams on the forums?
  10. >> Uh-huh.
  11. >> Along with the three CRP metrics.
  12. >> You got it. And, don't forget to
  13. tell us what you're page you're actually analyzing.
  14. >> That sounds like fun. I can't wait
  15. to comparing CRP diagrams for all kinds of websites.
  16. >> Yeah, this will be a fun exercise. Also, in addition to analysing your own
  17. site, take a look at what other
  18. students have found, and, provide feedback. Good luck.