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  1. Physiologically, stimulants can increase your heart rate, your blood pressure,
  2. and your respiration. They can also decrease your appetite. Now, it's important
  3. to know that this increase in heart rate is really dangerous. Some people have
  4. actually died the very first time they've ever used a major stimulant such as
  5. cocaine or methamphetamine. Long-term consequence of using the major stimulants
  6. such as cocaine and methamphetamine also result in formication. And this is the
  7. feeling of little bugs crawling under the person's skin. As a result, people
  8. often pick and scratch at their skin, which results in open wounds and
  9. increased likelihood for infection. Another consequence is called meth mouth.
  10. And I recommend that you Google that and you can see some unfortunate
  11. descriptions of what that is. Finally, long term use of these major stimulants
  12. in some people, can result in what is called stimuli-induced psychosis. And
  13. here, the individual thinks and behaves somewhat similarly to somebody with
  14. schizophrenia. Some of the other long term consequences of major stimulant use
  15. are hypervigilance, sleep deprivation, anxiety and paranoia. Long-term
  16. methamphetamine use can also dramatically age you. If you Google faces and
  17. meth, you can see just how dramatically meth can affect your appearance. When
  18. people abuse the major stimulants, they often go on what is called a run.
  19. Meaning, they'll continuously take the drug and stay awake for maybe two to
  20. three days at a time. Now, we know that our bodies simply can't stay awake that
  21. long and eventually the person will crash. Due to the crash, they're going to
  22. experience depression, extreme fatigue, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts.
  23. In addition, because the person starts to undergo withdrawal, they usually
  24. begin drug-seeking behavior again. Now, let's go back and take a review of the
  25. major stimulants.