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  1. Good morning, Mr. Blake.
  2. I'm appointed to carry out assessments for employment support allowance.
  3. Can you walk more than 50 metres? - Yes
  4. Can you raise either arm
    as if to put something in your top pocket? - Yes
  5. Can I ask you a question? Are you medically qualified?
  6. I've had a major heart attack.
    I've been told by my doctor
    I'm not supposed to go back to work yet.
  7. I'm afraid you must continue to look for work,
    or your benefit payments will be frozen.
  8. There must be some mistake.
  9. If you've been deemed fit for work, your only option is job seekers' allowance.
  10. Allow an appeal?
  11. You have to apply online, sir.
  12. I was a carpenter.
    I've never been anywhere near a computer.
  13. You need to run the mouse up the like that…
  14. I'm just going round in circles!
  15. I'm going to have to ask you to leave…
  16. I've explained to you the situation, and you don't care!
  17. I've got about twelve quid in my purse
    -You've created a scene, all right?
  18. Jesus Christ! Who's first in this queue?
    - I are.
  19. Do you mind if this young lass signs on first?
    - No, no, you carry on.
  20. This isn't your concern. I want you to get out as well.
  21. It's a monumental farce, isn't it?
  22. Looking for non-existent jobs
    and all it does is humiliate me.
  23. You've done nothing to be ashamed of.
    You are all alone with two kids.
  24. You've done amazing.
  25. I've seen it before…good people…
  26. on the street…
  27. you could lose everything.
  28. A lot of men gave up.
  29. When you lose your self-respect,
    you're done for.