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  1. [How to edit titles and descriptions]
  2. Before you submit your translation
    or transcription work,
  3. don't forget to edit the title
    and description of the talk.
  4. You can find the title
    and description dialogue
  5. in every TED, TEDx and TED-Ed talk
  6. in the top-left corner
    in the subtitle editor.
  7. To access that section,
    click the pencil icon.
  8. When you are translating a TED talk,
  9. fill in the title,
  10. speaker's name
  11. and description, in your language.
  12. When working on TED-Ed videos,
  13. in addition to translating
    the title and description,
  14. remember to keep the link
    to the full TED-Ed lesson
  15. that accompanies the video.
  16. Also, translate the phrases
    "Lesson by" and "animation by"
  17. at the end of the description.
  18. When you are working on a TEDx talk,
  19. make sure to use the TEDx title
    and description standards.
  20. The standard title format
    uses the talk's title,
  21. the speaker's name,
  22. and the TEDx event's name,
  23. separated with the vertical bar character
  24. with a space before and after it.
  25. If the title is formatted differently,
  26. modify it to match the standard format.
  27. Do not add the event's date
    or any other information.
  28. TEDx event names are branded terms
  29. and should not be translated
  30. or written with a space
    between "TEDx" and the event's name.
  31. When transcribing
    or translating TEDx talks,
  32. please remember to keep the disclaimer
    and translate it in your language.
  33. The disclaimer can go before
    or after the description.
  34. You will find a link to the official
    translations of the disclaimer
  35. in the video description below.
  36. The description should
    consist of a short overview of the talk.
  37. If it's not too long,
    you can also keep the speaker's bio.
  38. If a description is missing,
  39. write a short description
    of the talk on your own.
  40. Remember that the language
    of the title and description
  41. should match the language of the talk.
  42. Do not put English titles
    and descriptions on non-English talks.
  43. The general text explaining
    what the TEDx program is
  44. should be left out
    and should not be translated.
  45. After you are done
    with the title and description,
  46. you can click "Done" in the dialogue
  47. and then submit your work.
  48. And for now,
  49. happy transcribing and translating!