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  1. Just like out cheeses, if we have just one copy of the T allele, or in this case
  2. the plus sign allele, it's like our cheddar. And
  3. it's going to be strong enough to show the
  4. phenotype. So obviously the homozygous condition will show the
  5. lactose tolerance, but so will the heterozygous condition. Only
  6. one allele is all you need to actually be
  7. able to digest some lactose. For the mozzarella flavor Or
  8. the C allele in this case, the minus minus, needs to be in
  9. homozygous condition before you see the trait
  10. of lactose intolerance show up. Very briefly
  11. note the fact that one homozygous and one heterozygous scenario gives you the
  12. same phenotype. Whereas the other homozygous genotype,
  13. or combination, gives you the other phenotype.