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  1. thank you so much for watching this
    video and thank you for being here I
  2. hope that you enjoyed this new
    collaboration from me and David Michaud
  3. who is doing the the instruments David
    is also the person who do the final mix
  4. and mastering of my music so if you want
    to have the same quality that I have you
  5. can contact him and get his service
    continue to request your songs in the
  6. comments and soon I will have original
    music coming as well and I'm sure that
  7. you want to see what's on my t-shirt
    because it's not yours its paws for cats
  8. haha I would like to know if I was the
    person watching I would like to I want
  9. to say I so so big thank you to my
    angels on patreon who are sponsoring and
  10. supporting my creations thank you so
    much Michael David virtue my confessor
  11. Josh petty Christian Fred Lee s taking
    yet Wilber she Tony Jacklin LaRon Jackie
  12. Gregory barks Jim Lucy afraid shelana
    museum Bryan Stevenson John and Paola
  13. and Heidi Patton thank you so much thank
    you so much I cannot thank you enough
  14. it means the world to me mmm please
    subscribe if you did not already to be
  15. sure to see all of my next coming videos
    and I see you on my next upload