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Ep. #156 Weider Pro 6900 Home Gym Unbox, Setup, & Review

Buy the XR55 Gold's Gym here (Pretty much the same thing as the Weider 6900, just different branding)

This is quick video featuring the unboxing, setting-up, and brief review of the Weider Pro 6900 home gym.
Everything that came with this great little home gym cost us $299 plus tax, and that was without using any of the available specials. And it was still well worth the money.
The Weider Pro 6900 comes with ten 12 and a half pound weights, which is a total 125 lb. However, because it works with a pulley system, the total 125 lb may weigh more or less depending on the resistance in a particular workout.
The machine comes with a poster featuring many different exercises - some you can achieve using the gym, and some without, which is very handy.
It took approximately 5 to 6 and a half hours to set up. However it would have gone a lot faster had I used a ratchet set... or any proper tools, for that matter. So unless you're like me, the setup should not take nearly as long.
It's a very nice gym, especially considering the price paid, and I definitely recommend it. It's quick and easy to change between workouts, and everyone in the home (and some outside of it) use it. It's a little on the loud side, but in our family we're used to it .