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  1. One of the things about your own writing
  2. thinking back to "Garden of Allah" again
  3. and a song like "Dirty Laundry"
  4. ya know, the kind of songs that are regarded
  5. as kind of angry
    or indictments or judgmental maybe.
  6. Mmm.
  7. And then there's another side of your
  8. songwriting where there's
    this kind of like real yearning
  9. ya know, so they're like
    "The End of the Innocence"
  10. or "Heart of the Matter" or "Boys of Summer"
  11. this kind of, ya know, real wistfulness
  12. that kind of comes in. And in many ways,
  13. ya know,
  14. it's hard to think of those two things
  15. kind of co-existing.
  16. Do you see them as contradictory?
  17. No.
  18. Parts of yourself?
  19. I see them as exactly the same thing.
  20. pause
  21. Yeah, I am judgmental in some of my songs;
  22. I'm not a Journalist.
  23. I'm here to
  24. try to capture my time as I see it.
  25. And a lot of my work
  26. is reflected in the media.
  27. I mean a lot of my stuff
  28. is influenced by things I read
  29. in the newspaper
  30. or in magazines,
  31. a lot of periodicals I read,
  32. or on television.
  33. And I'm trying to reflect
  34. the culture through my lens
  35. and I really have no qualms about
  36. taking sides. I don't think people
  37. do that enough these days.
  38. That's exactly what I was talking about
  39. on the "Garden of Allah" earlier.
  40. I don't think that enough of us stand up
  41. and say "This is right. This is wrong."
  42. Ya know, we're too reticent to identify
  43. that stuff. We all have the 'whatever'
  44. laughter
  45. mindset. And I don't believe in 'whatever'.
  46. Especially the older I get -- well,
  47. I never did really. I never did.
  48. And, uh
  49. so, that's --
  50. I mean a part of rock n' roll has always been
  51. to protest. I mean that's always been the
  52. 'angry young man syndrome'.
  53. I'm just an angry,
  54. older man now.
  55. - Mmhmm.
  56. But I try to temper it with the other part
  57. that you talk about.
  58. The song about forgiveness. The yearning.
  59. I long for a better world. Period.
  60. It's as simple as that.
  61. And I think if we don't stand up
  62. and point out
  63. what's wrong with this world,
  64. it'll never get any better.
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